7 ( Best Cheap ) Self Defense Weapons To Carry For Protection

This article is not about best punching bags or combo gears. Today we are going to talk about walking stick!

When it comes to non-lethal best self-defense weapons to carry, we will vote for walking cane. It’s easy to carry and a traditional practice among elder citizen who have practiced arts of self-defense.

A practitioner knows that anything is a weapon if used correctly, and a walking can is a cheap self defense weapon. Though we can’t claim it as hidden one. But most of the bad people ignore it due to its innocent look.


If you are looking for really self-defense walking stick, than we recommend walking canes like- zapcane, which comes with a built in stun gun.

In this article you will be reading about 7 walking canes, and if they can be used as a self defense weapon. They are-

  1. Walking Stick Premium Quality Rare Eagle Head
  2. Vive Folding Cane
  4. Duro-Med Wooden Cane
  5. Black thorn knobstick cane
  6. Dragon Walking Stick
  7. Brazos 34″ Free Form Twisted Hickory Handcrafted Wood Cane

 Walking Stick Premium Quality Rare Eagle Head 

Eagle Head Walking StickSo this cool looking eagle head walking cane is the one you might want to collect. First to mention its hard metallic head is a good weapon, not to forget that pointy beak. It can be lethal if used correctly. A great tool to practice walking cane self-defense techniques, and a cheap self defense weapon with style.

This wooden walking cane can be a good self-defense tool if you are lucky. Wondering why? Well, it’s supposed to come with a hidden blade attached with the head.  In short it’s a hidden self defense weapon with a hidden blade.

However not everyone is lucky with that. Some got the blade and some didn’t. Even the manufacturer doesn’t assure anything about the blade.

So it’s luck.


  • Metallic head
  • Pointy beak
  • May come with a blade
  • Strong wooden body
  • Cool looking


  • May come with blade (it can be illegal in your area)

 How to make a walking cane into the best self defense weapon to carry!! 

 Vive Folding Cane 

Vive Folding CaneAs the name suggests, vive folding cane is a collapsible and compact aluminum cane. If you check amazon, this is a great walking partners. However, it is a great self-defense mechanism. First thing to mention it’s a aluminum cane. It can get lethal during a fight. But during a shady situation, you can count on it. Its egonomic hand grip allows you a good hold and control over the cane during power hit.

Vive folding sick unfoldedIt has been manufactured to support up to 250 pound safely. So you can bet it’s strong enough to knock out any one with a perfect hit. Its light weight is another advantage during the fight. You can fold it smoothly and hang it, or you can carry it like a brief case based on your requirement. Though they provide a lifetime warranty, but we doubt that if it covers any damages occurred due to beating some thugs. However the major drawback is its joints. We are not certain, how they will stay during a real fight.


  • Anodized alluminium made
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Egonomic hand grip
  • Collapsible and compact


  • Joints



Zapcane caneNow, ZAP ZAPCANE Cane is different than our previous walking cane. Well, previous walking sticks were an actual walking cane developed for walking support. But this beautiful one is specially made for self-defense.

So if you really need a hidden self defense weapon against thugs or dogs, this is the stick you should consider.

What’s the specialty of it? You can zap thugs with this one. According to it’s manufacturers it’s 1 million volt shock provider. This is a real self-defense mechanism against dogs and thugs. Only 5 seconds are enough to disable. It’s one of the cheap self defense weapons to carry.

However be sure if it’s legal to have in your area. It comes with a soft nylon carrying case. Have good grips, adjustable heights. But, the problem is moisture. There are claims that moisture can ruin the zap ability.


  • 1 million volt stun gun
  • Ultra violet LED flashlight
  • Rubber hand grip
  • User friendly
  • Cheap


  • Moisture can be a problem

 Duro-Med Wooden Cane 

Duro med wooden caneThis made in USA wooden walking stick is light weight and strong. Its traditional look makes it look like a zero threat. It has metal inserted for durability and extra strength. Its carved handle makes it easy to swing.

Above all this is the type of walking cane actually widely used among practitioner walking cane fight. It’s a cheap self defense weapon with a classic look.


  • Traditional look
  • Strong
  • Metal inserted
  • Lightweight
  • Curved handle


  • Sticky Stickers

Let’s see how a hooked walking cane be used as a hidden self defense weapon!

 Black Thorn Knobstick Cane 

Black thorn knobstickBlackthorn Knobstick cane is the most classical walking cane. Its handle won’t come off like other regular walking cane, you can easily assume the reason by looking at the picture. Its handle is just perfect to stay in palm.

Though you can’t swing or pull with this walking stick, but certainly you can knock anyone by hitting with the handle. This is lightweight, so it won’t be hurting your technique. We are not claiming it as the best self defense weapon to carry. But it can become a dangerous weapon on the hand of a practitioner.

Some people choose bubba stik walking cane. That’s also a good and strong hardwood walking stick. But the main problem was the handle. Few Customers in need complaint that the head came off after several month use.

Certainly for self-defense purpose you can’t be relying on it. However if you are lucky to get bubba walking stik with good handle, than do treasure it. Because that’s also a great self-defense walking cane.


  • Natural wood, sticks are not same
  • Collectors items
  • Lightweight
  • Varnished


  • You can’t be sure about appearance


 Dragon Walking Stick 

Dragon Walking StickThis Chinese style hand carved Dragon shape walking stick is not only cool looking, it’s also project strength and power. You will definitely love this carefully crafted lightweight cane. If you need the best self defense weapon, you can consider a walking cane. If you are considering a walking cane than why not a stylish one!

However you can’t pull attackers leg or sholder like you can with curved walking cane. But, you can spin it like that easily, you can also carry it by putting your wrist through it. It is a good walking cane to carry in parties.


  • Good looking
  • Carefully crafted
  • Hand carved
  • Light weight
  • Strong
  • Easy to carry


  • Unable to pull leg or shoulder


 Brazos 34″ Free Form Twisted Hickory Handcrafted Wood Cane 

Brazos 34″ Free Form Twisted Hickory Handcrafted Wood Cane is a top notch USA made. This classy wooden cane is strong and stout, a good companion if you really need it. However it’s a perfect disguised self-defense weapon.

The hickory wood has the physical strength for a tough fight. Its twisted look gave it additional stability. It may sound weird, the twisted form actually made it more strong weapon than it was before. You can also knock on head hard of with its cool looking derby style handle. It’s a good non-lethal weapon, if you don’t make it.


  • Strong, stable
  • Light weight
  • Eco friendly
  • Organic
  • Easy to swing


  • Not resizable
  • Glued on handle

Using walking cane as a hidden self defense weapon is NOT FOR ALL stuff !

Sorry, but if you are not an experienced stick fighting practitioner, there are more than 95% chances that your stick will be taken and you will be beaten by it. An old or middle age person won’t be abe to defend against a younger opponent. It takes years of practice to master the technique and skill.

Some stick mentioned here may have/contains hidden weapon with it. Please do research and contact manufacturer before purchasing one to avoid any unwanted situations.

If you are not skilled enough with stick or walking stick fighting, than we recommend not to rely on the stick for self defense. Rather get a zap cane or other stan gun walking cane, and of course call 911 !

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