Best 7 Cheap Punch Bags For Home You Should Choose in 2020

Many people spend hundreds of bucks to get the best punch bags but end up buying a low-quality one and that’s understandable considering the countless products that are available in the market not to mention all the misleading reviews that are flooding the internet.   

That’s why we are here to make your life a little bit easier when you are looking for cheap punching bags for sale and make sure you don’t spend your hard-earned money after a low-quality punching bag which will last only a couple of days.

After consulting with the experts as well as conducting comprehensive research we came up with the following 7 bags which in our opinion are the best punching bags for beginners that are currently dominating the market.

Those are:

  1. 130 Pound Outslayer Muay Thai Bag
  2. Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag
  3. Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag
  4. Goalrilla Tackling Dummy
  5. Century Versys Fight Simulator
  6. Aqua Training Bag Bad Boy Blue
  7. Everlast powercore freestanding heavy bag


Know About Those Best Punch Bags Available On Amazon!

130 Pound Outslayer Muay Thai Bag

If you are confused about which bag to buy for practicing Muay Thai, look no farther because Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag is without any doubt the best Muay Thai bag you will currently find in the market.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag has an attractive exterior and looks just like the picture which caught your attention in the first place when you first came to see the bag in amazon.

This USA made bag has a durable cover which is made using Heavy Duty Vinyl which is tear-resistant and lasts many years to come. When shipped the manufacturers use a nice looking protective cover which will protect this best punching bag from any kind of damage.

The height of this bag is 6 feet with an additional 12 inches with the straps and the D-rings. This length is just perfect for practicing Muay Thai as you need to work your lower body part in Muay Thai and that is not possible if you are using other shorter punching bags that are used for other sports.

The best part of this bag is it is filled with compressed fabric which is evenly distributed throughout the bag and when shipped the bag weighs approximately 130 pounds. But if you want to add weight, you can add fabric and fill it up to 300 pounds. As the manufacturer uses fabric instead of sand or any other filler there is no chance of forming any hard or hollow spot in the bag.

This boy is a tough guy. So no matter how hard you punch or kick or how many times, don’t you worry about the bag falling apart because this fella knows pretty well how to hold on his own.

More importantly, the manufacturers are so confident about the quality of their bag that they give the customers a 10 years warranty which covers everything except damage done by the elements or any sharp objects.


  1. Top-notch construction as well as attractive exterior.
  2. Tear-resistant heavy-duty vinyl cover ensuring durability.
  3. Four layers maximum strength straps which make sure you don’t need to buy additional hardware to hang it.
  4. Perfect height for practicing kicks and punches.
  5. Perfect weight resulting in less swinging when punched or kicked.
  6. Compressed, evenly distributed fabric filler prevents the formation of any hard or hollow spots in the bag.
  7. 10 years warranty from the manufacturer.


  1. The straps are not adjustable. But you can easily solve this problem by using a rope to hang the bag.

This extraordinary bag has 98 percent customer satisfaction. Yes, you heard us right, 98 percent of customer satisfaction. So if you want to buy a punching bag which is worth every penny that you spend behind the out layer muay Thai bag, thrust us your option does not get any better than this fella over here. You have our assurance that you won’t regret it.


Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag

We have already done an Everlast Omniflex Review. However, if you want a bag to particularly improve your focus, speed, and agility and at the same time want to get it at an affordable price, Everlast Freestanding Reflex Bag is just for you.

The bag looks pretty decent and the spring-mounted design involves large sand or water-filled base, foam pole guard, premium spring construction and at the top, a foam-filled ball, and guess what! it’s a cheap free standing punching bag, which you will definitely get within your budget.

The set-up is a breeze. But filling the base with water or sand is a little bit difficult considering the opening is unreasonably small. The height is adjustable. Both youngsters and adults can use this bag. But if adults are using it, we suggest filling the base with sand instead of water.

The best part of this freestanding bag is it takes practically no space at all but when punched it needs a little space for the banding and the wild swinging which it does. So make sure there is enough space for that.

Now let’s be clear about something. If you want a light cardio workout or work on your eye or hand coordination, quickness, jabs, and blocks, that’s absolutely fine. But this is not the best free standing punching bag to practice power punch on. That’s why it’s called a reflex bag. However, you will definitely need it to improve your reflex.

Everlast gives you a total 120-day period warranty from the date of purchase considering the product has not suffered any kind of abuse, neglect or misuse.


  1. Suitable for both youngsters as well as adults.
  2. Perfect for practicing speed, agility, and focus. Makes the martial artist more competent.
  3. Adjustable height.
  4. Easy set-up.
  5. 120 days warranty covering everything except abuse, misuse or neglect.


  1. Filling the base is a real pain because of the small opening.
  2. Not suitable for strength training.
  3. Some customers complained that the top falls apart pretty quickly.

To conclude, we would like to say that though there are many negative reviews about this product in the internet saying it can’t stand a power punch, however, please remember this is the best punch bag to sharpen your reflex and a great bag that you will find at this price range.

That’s why we recommend this product. But if you are looking for something to demonstrate your power then getting Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy bag will help you.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

This absolutely marvelous product is your best friend when it comes to relieving daily stress. After hours after hours of school or work leaves us practically no time to go to the local gym and throw some punches to relieve the tension that we feel building all day long.

So what happens when this tension aka stress keeps building and we do not let out some steam? What happens then is we become depressed, get heart diseases and cannot get any proper sleep.

But that is no longer a concern because Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag gives you the opportunity to relieve your stress at work, home or whatever place you want.

Now you may ask why it is in an article on best punch bags!! Well, it’s FUN and loved by 100% of people on Amazon. And you know what! we recommend you to buy this desktop punching bag. Because it’s a great tool to transfer your stress away.

Let’s see how this particular desktop punching bag was able to satisfy all his customers.

The whole package includes a punching bag, a hand pump and a needle that is stored in the handle of the hand pump. They even provided adequate direction about how to set it up which is totally easy. Set it up in this order – put stand base on top of the suction base, then placing the spring on stand base start turning the spring clockwise to tighten.

While tightening the spring make sure the suction is on the exact spot where you want to set the bag up. Now fill the punching bag using the pump and tada… Your partner is ready to roll.

Place the desktop punching bag where it belongs, and then you know what to do and when to do.

The manufacturer used quality material for this bag which is high-quality polysynthetic leather which has great elasticity. Not to mention, it is pretty durable.

You can set it up in your office or at home and punch as hard as you want without any worry because the suction cup will hold it in place for you.

And you get all this awesomeness in just a couple of bucks!


  1. Top-notch construction and high-quality material.
  2. Easy set-up.
  3. Great way to relieve stress, spend some aggression and have fun at the same time.
  4. Suitable for all ages.
  5. It can be used in any place be that home or office.


  1. The suction cup doesn’t always work as expected.

As you see, this bag is as close to perfection as anything can be. You should absolutely go for him and we swear you will never ever regret buying it.

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy

Goalrilla Tackling Dummy is a superior quality product with quality material as well as good construction. 50.6 lbs/cubic meter high-density foam wrapped in 500 grams/cubic meter PVC reinforced with metal grommets ensures durability so that no matter how hard you tumble with this guy he will get out of the fight unscathed.

The reinforced straps and handles are wide which makes it easy to hold on to while tackling it or picking it up once you knock it down.

It is lightweight which prevents any bruises from forming while tackling it to the ground. Moreover, you can also relocate it easily considering it weighs only 8.8lbs.

This bag is specially made to withstand any kind of abuse and therefore suitable for football, soccer, basketball, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and military training.


  1. Good construction and quality materials ensuring durability.
  2. 3 heavy-duty handles ensure control over it during tackling.
  3. Designed to withstand any kind of brutal use.
  4. Builds athletic strength and stamina.
  5. Prevents any kind of bruising as it is lightweight.


  1. This lightweight bag is perfect for kids but for adults, the weight is not adequate.
  2. There is a warning that this bag is made with chemicals that might cause cancer which will discourage customers to buy it.
  3. Expensive

Though there are some drawbacks to this product almost 90% of customers expressed their satisfaction after using this product. So we will absolutely encourage you to give this product one shot.

Century Versys Fight Simulator

Century Versys Fight Simulator bag with base combines all the great features of a standing freestanding bag and a grappling dummy which according to expert’s opinion gives you the opportunity to engage your entire body while training.

At first, let’s talk about how attractive this bag looks. The black and red color combination makes it downright fancy looking and will hold your attention from the first moment you lay eyes on this fella. Then check the price. Don’t you think it’s a cheap free standing punching bag compared to its features?

The base is pre-filled with sand which weighs approximately 90 pounds whereas the upper part is filled with foam with a diameter of 18.75 inches which is pretty shock absorbent. At the joint of this two-section, there is a chain. As for the material of the cover, it is made with heavy-duty vinyl which guarantees maximum durability.

This free-standing bag is easy to go, so you don’t have to face any trouble which we normally face when the bag is not pre-filled and we have to do that ourselves. You can just start your training as soon as it gets shipped.

The length of the bag is 66 inches which give you adequate space to practice low or high kicks as well as use your knee and elbows. The weight which is 110lbs is perfect if you want to work on your speed, cardio, and endurance.

Unlike another average bag, you will get 3 times more striking space to practice your kicks and punches. Apart from that, as the bag is lighter than other heavy punching bags, you can easily use it as a grappling dummy too. Just tumble with it on the floor whenever you want to without having any concern about forming bruises. As for the handles on the top and the bottom, these give you the opportunity to practice several kinds of workouts like dragging, knee strikes, sit-ups, leg lifts, resistance and what not! Just a cool member of the best punching bags club.


  1. Top-notch construction, superior material, and fancy looking exterior.
  2. Have the most versatile system.
  3. Acts as a free-standing bag as well as a grappling dummy.
  4. It is pre-filled and therefore needs no installation.
  5. Perfect for working on endurance, speed, aerobic training and technique training
  6. 3 times more striking surface compared to an average punching bag.
  7. Handles at the top and the bottom give a sense of control.


  1. 20% of customers complained that the bag moves and falls too easily.
  2. Some complained that the bag is too light.

So we can see that, though 20% of customers complained about some minor problems that they faced while using this product the other 80% of customers were quite pleased with the overall quality and performance of the bag. So we will suggest you go for this bag if you are looking for a versatile bag to get a workout of your entire body.

Aqua Training Bag Bag Boy Blue

If your apartment is too small or you don’t have the rafters to hand the bags from the ceiling, then you and Aqua Training Bag Bad Boy Blue are going to be best friends in no time.

The construction of the bag is pretty solid. The bag is not pre-filled. The whole package includes the bag, a hose filling nozzle which you can attach to your garden hose to fill the bag and of course a stopper.

The material the manufacturer used in the cover is unlike any materials that are used in another traditional punching bag. The material is durable but flexible and when punched it gives you the feeling as if its actual human body you are punching. As the bag is not filled with sand or ripped fabrics rather it is filled with water over time there is no chance of this bag developing any hard spots.

The bag is only 9 inches long and the weight is approximately 15 pounds when filled in full capacity which makes it easy to anywhere like the club, gym or even home gym. You can even set it up outdoors without worrying about the elements damaging it.

As we mentioned before, punching this bag is like punching a real human being, it gives you the feeling that you are actually practicing with a human partner. At the same time, you get to work on your strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance with this bag. Great for improving uppercuts, hooks, slipping, etc. Give us a reason, why shouldn’t we include it when this article is about the best punching bags!!

One thing to remember is though the manufacturer claims that punching this bag does not hurt as much as punching other heavy bags, we recommend you wear gloves to avoid injury because this water-filled can have pretty good resistance and therefore will likely bruise your knuckles.

Furthermore, you get 2 years guarantee for this product and all these privileges you get at an incredibly affordable price.


  1. Attractive looking as well as versatile.
  2. Good construction and uncommon material.
  3. No chance of developing hard spots.
  4. Can set it up inside the house as well as outside.
  5. Flexible material helps to reduce the impact on the joints and so you can continue your work out for much longer.
  6. Perfect for improving agility, speed and stamina.
  7. 2 years guarantee.
  8. Reasonable price.


  1. It is shipped unfilled.
  2. They don’t provide hardware to hang it. So you gotta spend extra money on the hardware.
  3. The shackle is a little bigger compared to the size of the bag which is a bit smaller than it should be.

After considering both pros and cons, we give you the go-to buy this boy because trust us when we say that this is one of the best deals you will find in the market at that price.

Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag


Everlast has lots of quality punching bag but among them, Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy bag is hands down the best punching bag they have ever introduced.

Along with admirable construction, the materials used in the bag is also outstanding. The cover is made of Nevatear which is quite durable.

The filler used in the bag is Tri-Disc foam which distributes the impact every time you throw a punch and thus the spot you hit does not face all the impact of the punch. On the contrary, the base is filled with water or sand for maximum stability.

When filled the bag is approximately 250 lbs and the height is adjustable between 52 inches and 65 inches.

The power transfer collar makes the whole bag move as a whole and prevents vibration when hit. Thus it gives you an optimal rate of striking as well as the assurance of maximum durability, pretty cool to be the part of best punching bags title don’t you agree!!

Unlike other bags that do not rebound well if not filled fully, you can fill it partially according to your liking and still get quality striking experience.

Many professionals have used it for boxing and martial arts and so far along with Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy bag and had only good things to say. Moreover, it is suitable for both novice and professionals.

The 4 months warranty and the reasonable price just add icing over the whole cake that is this punching bag.


  1. Outstanding construction and durable material.
  2. Adjustable height
  3. Easily moveable
  4. flexible and resilient
  5. 120 days warranty
  6. Affordable


  1. The height of the base is problematic.
  2. Even after the base is filled it moves if you punch too hard.

As we claimed earlier about Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag is the best product of Everlast so far, we hope you are in agreement with us after we discussed all the brilliant features of this bag. So don’t worry about the quality of the bag and give this guy the benefit of doubt. You will thank God later that you gave this pal a chance to prove itself.

To conclude, we would like to say that the 7 amazing best punch bags for beginners that we chose for you are without any doubt the best stuff you will find in the present market considering durability, flexibility, comfort, safety, price, and overall performance.

Though we listed some of their faults too but admit it that the qualities easily overshadows those faults. I hope you were benefited by this review and to add we would say these are also the best punch bags for home.

Good Luck, folks.

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