7 Best Punching Bags For Home Use Shortlisted


Boxing one of the most popular and famous classes in the world today. And the best part is, you don’t have to hit your punching bag like a pro. Grab your punch gloves and you are good to go.

you know what!

YouTube and your punch bag is the formula to develop skills that you will be thankful for forever.

The top 7 best punching bags for home use are:

  1. Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag
  2. Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag
  3. Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag
  4. Everlast Omniflex Heavy Bag
  5. Century Aerobic Wavemaster
  6. Century Tidal Wave HydroCore Heavy Bag
  7. Century Body Opponent Training Bag

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Outslayer MMA Punching Bag

The Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Bag is a 100-pound, filled bag. This means it will come with fibers, fabrics, etc, as a filler and will thus provide more resistance.

Keep in mind that with a form and shape like that, anyone can use this Outslayer 100 lb heavy bag for training for MMA, boxing, general fitness and so on. When you are thinking about the punching bag price, you will see this is a great deal to seal.

Here’s the catch,

This Outslayer heavy bag stands at 55” in height while the straps measure 10”, giving you a total of 65”. What we loved most about this bag, is that it comes in durables, reusable, vinyl cover letting you easily store or move your bag.

If you request for a D-ring attached to secure it with an anchor, you will get it free of cost upon request. You can also request for specific color tone. Based on the given facilities people kept Outslayer 100lb heavy bag as their favorite.

Lastly, you get a whopping 10-year warranty certificate which the Boxing MMA Heavy Bag, as long as the damage isn’t a result of the weather or sharp objects. So, be careful while you hang this one.


  • Offers great resistance
  • Comes in a reusable vinyl bag
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty certificate
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a free D-ring upon request


  • Tends to sag or become soft in certain spots after some time


Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag

Our next choice for you is perfect for people who are looking for something a tad bit more affordable, basic yet effective. The Nevatear Heavy Bag from Everlast is just that.

As you may have guessed from the name already, Nevatear is a Heavy bag. Its filler is a special blend of fabric so it ends up absorbing shocks quiet well. You will wonder during the beating by its absorbing ability.

It won’t punish your knuckles brutally because of that specially blended filler. It is furthermore tightly packed to weigh a good 100 pounds in weights and thus far more resistant than your lighter 70-pounders.

This bag comes along with a small chain with a swivel and link, which is a GOOD!

As for the suspension, this Nevatear Heavy Bag comes with double-ended web suspension straps that are strong, rather quiet and conveniently comes with a chain that lets you adjust the length of the straps to furthermore accommodate users of varying heights. When you are looking for a great punching bag on Amazon, this is the feature you need to look at for real!

And finally, this Nevatear Heavy Bag comes with a 120-day warranty where they will repair or replace your punching bag as long as the bag didn’t suffer from any damage done by the user due to a sign of neglect. Luckily punching hard can’t be considered as neglect for it.


  • More resistant yet gentler on hands
  • Made from durable synthetic leather
  • Uses double attachments for more resistance
  • Comes with an adjustable chain to control heights
  • Absorb shock very well
  • Comes with a 120-day, conditional, warranty


  • Weak stitching; tears easily
  • The straps have a tendency to shift

Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag

Our 3rd pick for the Best punching bags for home use is also yet again a name from Everlast. Only this time, we picked the C3 Foam Heavy Bag which is a notch above its former.

The C3 Foam Heavy Bag is a professional training heavy bag with which you can do your Boxing bag workouts without any problem.

This punching bag is made using Controlled Closed Cell Foam technology or C3 which allows the bag to retain its shape even after rough training sessions. This doesn’t only look cool, it’s also surprisingly badass for people who wanna practice kick.

The C3 technology furthermore ensures that the punches on the bag are gentle on your hands while the force and shock are easily and evenly distributed throughout the whole bag.

For a more comfortable feeling, the filling of the bag also includes sifted sand along with the usual natural and synthetics fibers.

As for construction, the shell is made from poly canvas. The C3 Foam Heavy Bag uses a web suspension system with nylon straps and double-end loops.

To end the deal, you get the standard Everlast warranty of 120 days where the company will replace or repair your bags if there is any damage on their part.


  • C3 Foam technology used
  • Able to distributes force and shock evenly
  • Shifted sand with traditional fiber filler
  • Made from a poly canvas shell
  • Uses web suspension and nylon straps
  • Comes with a 120-day, conditional, warranty


  • The straps are not adjustable
  • Fillers tend to settle at the bottom after a short period of time
  • The straps may break easily
  • Few complaints of ripping from the bottom

Everlast Omniflex Heavy Bag

Now our this pick is a far leap from the ones we have been reviewing previously. It is the Omniflex Heavy Bag from, yes, yet again, EVERLAST!

But, this time it’s an everlast free standing punching bag. A very good punching bag for home use, You don’t have to worry about hanging with a everlast free standing punching bag.

Now we have a few reasons to claim it as one of the coolest punching bags. Importantly the Omniflex Heavy Bag is within budget cheap free standing punching bag like bob dummy.

This one comes all fitted and ready, and you no longer have to bother about suspension brackets, hooks, looks or stuff like that.

It is said to be the ultimate product of FSHB technology and innovation. The fillers consist of fabric that absorbs shock brilliantly and is furthermore great for both punches, kicks, and strikes.

People who don’t like is going to love it because it has been designed to keep the sound level is minimal even if you hit it hard enough. However, you will have to fill the base with water or sand. We recommend sand for steady practice.

You can adjust the neck of this bag from 5′ to a max of 6’ 7”. Finally, you get the same Everlast warranty of 120-days.


  • No hanging is required
  • Best for rented flat
  • easy to relocate
  • Has a Nevatear shell
  • Absorbs shock without moving the base too much
  • The base can be filled with both water or sand
  • Has a height-adjustable neck
  • Comes with a conditional, 120-day warranty


  • The bag is somewhat too soft for professionals
  • The neck is very flimsy

Century Aerobic Wavemaster

Our 5th pick for this article another incomparable freestanding punching bag, which is  Aerobic Wavemaster from Century and it is more or less a cross between a suspension and a free-standing bag.

You can fill the base of this punching bag with either sand or water, which is great for some intensive and engaging training. Your training with this one is not only limited to punching, you can kick it and practice knee also.

As for the shell, it is made from a durable poly shell.  Moreover, because it is free-standing, you won’t have to worry about additional accession accessories.

You will furthermore enjoy a more engaging training session thanks to the standing post. Speaking of which, the bag alone measures 40 “ in height, and you can also adjust the post from 53.5” to 65.5”.

This punching bag weighs nearly 170 pounds when fully filled and therefore is very resistant as well. What we liked best is that its sides are round. It makes it easy to relocate since you can pretty much roll it away.


  • Provides good resistance
  • The base can be filled both with sand and water
  • Freestanding
  • Height-adjustable
  • Easy to relocate due to its rounded edges


  • Feels soft and lightweight
  • Not ideal for professional training
  • Too narrow; 10.5” diameter

Century Tidalwave Hydrocore

Our 6th pick for this article is yet again another great bag from Century. This time we are back with the Tidal Wave HydroCore Heavy Bag.

This punching bag use water as filler so you have to fill it by yourself after installing it. But the most special thing about it is you can increase and decrease the water level while feeling the water core to change the weight and feel.

You might wonder, how would it look or feel like if you half-fill it! well it will retain its original shape as the water core is a hard plastic tank.

The HydroCore heavy bag is made from a vinyl shell over a foam cover, this foam & water combo makes for very real, life-like hitting and training experience.

It can take heavy punches, kicks with or without shoes, knees without complaining. You can understand this tidal wave heavy bag has been specially designed to take your brutal punishments.

And one more thing almost forgot to mention, you don’t have to worry about deform or it won’t settle like other heavy bags.

And finally, for suspension, it comes with 4 web straps supported by steel chains and a 2” hanging-ring.


  • The HydroCore comes in various sizes and weights
  • Includes steel chains and hanging ring
  • Has a vinyl shell over a foam cover; retains shape


  • Not height-adjustable
  • Does not have a flexible core
  • Tends to spin a lot


Century BOB XL with base unit

Finally, we are presenting one of our interesting picks for this review, which is more real and life-like.

Ladies and gentlemen meet BOB Body Opponent Training Bag from Century which is also known as punching dummy or Bob Dummy. A great yet cheap standing punching bag that will give you a feel of a fighting a real opponent.

BOB is going to be your best trainer and opponent at the same time because it is a mannequin training bag, and is as close to a real person as you can get.

You will have to fill up the base of your punching dummy with either water or sand and will weigh nearly 270 pounds.

It clearly has great resistance and is perfect for intense training. Apart from all these, you can also adjust its height from 60″ to 78”.

And the sugarcoat of the deal, you get a 1-year limited warranty!!!


  • Very life-like
  • Offers 7 adjustable height
  • Fill-able base with both sand or water
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Loud
  • Bolts and screws are very unreliable
  • Shifts a lot

Let’s cut the mumbo jumbo,

We all know what a punching bag is, or what is the usage of it. And we also know that you are here to read this best punch bags article only because you need the best punching for home use or maybe you are looking for your gym.

Often people place a question to us “what’s the right bag for me?” Now that is something individually depends on-

  • your ability
  • your size
  • the level you fight at
  • the level you train at
  • how long you’ve been doing it

Professional Training

Well, of course, a punching bag is required to practice your punching abilities.

but guess what?

We most of the time love to train at the gym of a training center.

However, having a punching bag with a few workout instruments at home is much better if you don’t want to skip your training due to bad weather.

Many people also use boxing to practice boxing cardio workouts or warm up the body before a big rigorous activity like the marathon. Overall, it strengthens and builds your muscles, while increasing your speed and thinking.

Anger Management

Well, this isn’t the most mainstream or conventional use of a punching bag, but if it works, it isn’t stupid.

If your nerves are ever tested and tingling by the idiots that live and thrive around you, and if you want to bash someone’s head against a wall, but you don’t want to get in trouble.

Then you know what the punching bag is for, right?

In all seriousness though, punching the bag till your knuckles and sore and your eyes are tearing up…is of the best ways to get rid of all the build-up of anger, frustration, and grief.

It has kept a lot of us from getting into trouble.

Let’s have look at this video to figure out how the best way to choose a  punching bag for home use:

Anyway in this article we talked about 7 popular punching bags for home, which people claim as Best Punching Bags For Home USE !!!

Final Words

I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’. Muhammad Ali

Only practice and continuous training can get you where you want to be. Having a quality punching bag is essential if you want to shine at the end of your training.

This is because poor quality bags have issues, and those issues gonna be a real pain during training. Best punch bags should compliment you, not overpower you.

Use the best punching bags in-home, and it will allow you to concentrate on your energy. It’s meant to help you to have a strong and sound life. With that said and done, our article on the best punch bags for home does just that and has got you covered on this.

Punching bags are very versatile, and we can’t seem to stress enough on the many reasons why you shouldn’t own one. And to help you find the best of the bests, we compiled this list of undervalued Punching Bags in the market today. So, if you want to bring out the champion in you, then stay with us and keep reading to figure out your perfect match!

We hope you enjoyed reading our take on best punch bags for home, and have found our article in any way useful to what you are looking for. Hope this article will help you to pick what you are looking for. Good luck with your search and I will see you next time!

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