Can You Play Ping Pong Outside?

can you play table tennis outside

Many of you are used to playing ping pong indoors, and why not! The environment is conducive indoors with no gust of wind knocking away the ping pong ball in a separate direction. Then again, you want to avoid the stuffiness and the humidity you are facing within the walls and would like to enjoy the cooler climate outside.

Nowadays many people are finding it attractive and soothing to play table tennis outdoor. Can you play ping pong outdoor? The answer is a big yes, but you need to adhere to certain do’s and don’ts while you set up the table outside and head towards having a fun filled match. 

Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind if you are planning to take this game outdoors: 


The ball used for playing table tennis is very light and small. It can easily get swayed by the winds and the breeze.

This is one of the reasons why ping pong is played indoors as the outside environment can interfere with your services and shots.  But if you must play the game outdoors, the summer season is the best time to do so. The wind is less and you can play the game either early in the morning or during the evening after dusk.

During other seasons, the speed of wind tends to be more which makes it impossible to have a ping pong match outside.  Make sure proper lights are in place so that you can play after dusk. During the summer season, it might not be possible to play in the morning or during the afternoon as the sun will be hammering down its rays on you with full force.  

So the best time to play will be very early in the morning during which you might not face the lighting issue, or during the evening for which you need strong lighting in place so that you can see the small, lightweight ball easily during your game. 


One of the most important aspects you have to keep in mind is setting up the table outside in the right manner so that the entire table is on a flat plane.  

It will be better if you place your table on a concrete floor as that will ensure that your table is absolutely parallel to the ground. Some of you might have a lawn outside your house and you might feel tempted to place your table on your lawn but that might disturb the angle of the table and your shots might go amiss.  


Another important factor to be kept in mind is the type of table you get for your ping pong game.  You might want to enjoy the weather and hence feel like having a match outside. If you do not want to exclusively set up a table solely for outdoor table tennis matches, then you might want to go for a table made for indoor games.

The playing surface and the quality of the board are better when it comes to indoor tables rather than outdoor.  You need to take great care of the table once you set it outdoors. You need to ensure that the table which will be used for your table tennis matches is not subjected to too much sunlight when kept outdoors as it will become warped. After your match is over, it will be better to dismantle the table and store it indoors in your house. 


If you are playing the ping pong matches outdoor, then wipe the table with clean dry cloth from time to time. You can never control the climatic conditions outside. Any layer of dust or moisture on your table will impact the bounce of your ping pong ball. You will not be able to play rallies as the ball will not bounce well. 

Especially if you are playing outdoors early in the morning, there is a possibility of a layer of mist settling on the table which might impact your game.  

One of the facts that you might discount or not pay much heed to is the distraction that you will face outdoors while serving, rallying, or hitting your strokes. While you play indoors, your surroundings are controlled and you can concentrate well on your game as you are surrounded by nothing but 4 walls. 


If you are playing outside, you need to put extra focus on your game. There is a possibility that you might get distracted by some movement happening around you like some passerby crossing your line of sight or a bird taking flight. 

All in all, playing ping pong outdoors is definitely an interesting proposition and many sports enthusiasts are taking this game up in the outside arenas and enjoying the lovely weather while keeping in mind the points mentioned above.

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