Can You Play Ping on Your Own?

So you happen to be a ping pong enthusiast, or this game has intrigued you so much that you want to try your hand at this game and become a ping pong player.

The first thing that will come to your mind is to get a coach who can train you on the nuances of playing all the strokes, be it backhand spin, forehand spin, backhand counter, or forehand counter.

You might also think about requesting your friend who happens to be a pro at table tennis to teach you the game.    

Unfortunately, you are not getting a coach near your place, neither your friend is able to devout time to make you practice the shots.

So in such a scenario, you might have this question in your mind: Can I play ping pong on my own and improve my game?   

The answer is yes, you can. Though it is difficult to play without a partner or a coach, it is not exactly impossible to play on your own.    

Here are some tips and tricks you can implement on your own so that you are able to improve your game and play to your heart’s content.

Practice your services and shots

Get a basket full of ping pong balls and practice your services and shots. The best way to start is to practice your services which can be the matchmaker. You can hold 2 to 3 balls in your non-serving hand and a few more in your pockets so that you can replenish them easily.

Drop the ball on the table and serve when the bounce comes up at a decent height. Once you have mastered the art of serving your opponent, you can up your game by practicing strokes, slashes, and counters. This will ensure that you have a good steady practice.    

You will get to experience different shots if you drop the ball on the table and hit your strokes. The different balls will come up with different types of bounce and this way you can experience different serves.    

Self Practice in front of the wall     

One of the most common and convenient techniques to play ping pong on your own is to practice in front of the wall. The wall can give you a sturdy bounce and you can hit your strokes at the wall as if it is your partner.    

Go to an empty room or a room where you can get an entire wall to yourself without any obstructions in front of it. Hit the first stroke right at the wall at your chest level with your bat and then you can continue playing according to the bounce you receive as the equal and opposite reaction from the wall.     

This technique might give you a better practice as the wall will give you the liberty to practice different types of shots within a wider range. You can practice and try out different strokes with your backhand and forehand.    

Shadow Play    

Once you feel that your game is up to the mark, you can start shadow playing to see how you are making your movements and playing your shots. In the shadow play technique, you play in front of a mirror. It will be conducive if you can mount a mirror on your wall and hit your shots at it.    

This way you can observe your posture, leg, and body movements and how you are hitting your shots. Shadow play is a very fruitful technique that acts as a sort of feedback mechanism to improve your game. The shots or the postures which you might have felt was correct can turn out to be wrong, once you see yourself in the mirror. Playing in front of the mirror will give you a correct sense of how you can improve and where you are going wrong.    

If you are unable to find a mirror in an appropriate location to shadow play, then you can video graph your shots. After you are done practicing, you can view the video to find out your errors and how you can improve.    

Use robots    

One of the most expensive and effective ways to not only play ping pong on your own but also up your game is by playing with a robot. There are many varieties of tennis ball machines that can throw you different spins at a good speed within short intervals of time.    

Many professional tennis players use robots to train and improve their game. If you have money to spare and really want to up your game, then you can get yourself a robot and train night and day.    

So go, guys! Give your best shot and hope these suggestions help you in practicing and improving your game.

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