Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag | Honest Review

Sometimes in life, just motivation does not cut it. Knowing the right way and using the proper equipment and tools is just as important if you want to learn and learn well. On that note, today we will be focusing on a freestanding punching bag, and this time we have our eyes set on the Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag.


We have been receiving numerous requests for it after our review on Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag,  so we finally decided to do it. If you want to know whether this century Wavemaster punching bag has what it takes to improve and upgrade your training sessions, then keep reading because we are going to find that out very soon. Let’s start!

Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag At A Glance!


The first and foremost thing you will notice about the Century Wavemaster punching bag is that is isn’t one of your average hanging or suspension punching bags. It is entirely free-standing and is therefore great for users who have limited space to them.

The Century aerobic Wavemaster punching bag comes in all black body with the white logo printed onto the body of the heavy bag. And then, of course, have the base of the bag on the bottom. So far so good. Now let’s see what else the Century aerobic Wavemaster punching bag has in store for us.

The Heavy Bag

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag uses a poly shell on the exterior which is covering a layer of high-density foam.  The punches feel more or less powerful and effective. Keep in mind, however, that owing to the material used in the making, the bag is somewhat soft. And though this is great for beginners and recreational users, it probably will not overly impress expert or experienced users who expect a rock hard feel.

Weight & Dimensions

The Century Wavemaster punching bag weighs around 170 pounds when you fill the base with water. What we really like however is that you can also fill it with sand. However, keep in mind that the weight will change somewhat since the medium is changing. Each filler brings with them their own challenges and temperament to the punching bag and that is something a learner can really appreciate.

As for dimensions, the bag itself is 10.5 inches in diameter while the base measures around 22 inches in diameter. One could say that the bag seems an awful lot narrow for adults or expert trainers, but you can call it the best punching bag for freshers. One more thing, they are not for power punching. Double edge bags are mostly to develop your accuracy, speed, foot placements.

One small detail that we really appreciate about the Century Wavemaster punching bag is that its edges are curved and rounded off. Now, this probably doesn’t sound like much and isn’t much either, to be honest. But it helps when you have to relocate or move the bag from one place to another. It pretty much rolls away!


The height of any punching bag is very important since it should complement the height of the user. And nothing is more convenient than being able to adjust heights to find your perfect height for the bag.

And the Century Wavemaster punching does this job pretty well. You get 4 different options of height adjustability ranging from 53.5 inches to 65.5 inches. It probably is a tad bit on the shorter side, but it still gets the job done brilliantly.


What really surprised us throughout the review, however, was that the Century Wavemaster punching bag comes with a warranty. Now it isn’t uncommon of course to get warranties with products, but for the price you pay for the Century Wavemaster punching bag, we were least expecting it!

Anyway, you get a 120-day or 4-month warranty upon purchase. The company will replace, or refund, your Century Wavemaster punching bag if there are any damages from their part. However, you will not be honored with the warranty if your damage is a result of neglect. Fair enough!!


  • The Century Wavemaster punching bag weighs quite a bit so it has good resistance
  • Allows both sand or water as a filler in the base
  • Freestanding
  • Offers 4 different heights settings
  • Has rounded edges and is therefore very easy to move


  • Is probably a little soft and thus it also tends to move and shift a bit
  • The punching bag is too narrow for most users
  • Most users didn’t find it ideal for expert or professional use; probably great for learners


Can I use this for kickboxing?

Answer: the Century Wavemaster punching bag has a rather low-profile base, and is on itself a little short as well. This means you can very easily use it for kickboxing, no problem.

What other color is the Century Wavemaster punching bag available in?

Answer: The one you are looking at is black, but it is furthermore available in blue and red. The specs and all remain the same.

Final Words

Finding a quality punching bag for a great price is probably a dream come true, and the Century Wavemaster punching bag is definitely somewhere up there. While we must confess that this bag is probably not the best choice for professionals or people who need heavy, rock hard and bone-breaking bags since it is a tad bit milder and toned down. However, this makes the Century Wavemaster punching bag is an excellent choice for learners, beginners, and irregular users. And to top it off, it is made affordable! In conclusion, we recommend this punching bag from Century for our novice users.

This concludes the Century Wavemaster punching bag. We hope you enjoyed and found our article useful to help with your decision. However, don’t just rely on our judgment. Use your own!

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