Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag (C3 Foam) review

I don’t believe that it is necessary to clarify the significance of a punching bag to a health-conscious person. If you are planning to get a heavy bag but cannot decide yet, then you may want to consider getting an Everlast 100lb heavy bag. 


Luckily, today we are going to review a 100lb heavy bag from Everlast, which will help not only boxers who wear the best boxing gloves only but also each and everyone who box for fitness. So, Let’s dive into the review of Everlast 100lb c3 Foam Heavy Bag.

Features Of Everlast c3 Foam Heavy Bag

Now, let’s have a quick look at the features of this Everlast 100lb heavy bag. If you want to buy a thing, first you have to know details about that product. If you know about the features you will be happy and benefited, moreover there are chances to win much within your budgets.

The Everlast 100lb c3  foam heavy bag is planned to allocate professional training for not only boxers but also any types of athletes who desire to be the best. As the punching bag is heavy, anyone can use it to get in shape.

Why Should You Pick This Everlast 1oolb Heavy Bag!!

The Everlast c3 foam punching bag is manufactured from a meshed attached matrix of artificial leather and vinyl. It is enfolded by a sheet of poly canvas which is filled with shaped closed-cell foam.  The inner part is refilled with a mixture of natural and synthetic fiber.  This supplies a well-balanced material that can be struck with deftness. If you consider this manufacturing process, then you should ask why not this Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag!

Setting Up Everlast 100lb c3 Foam Heavy Bag

On top of being safe, this Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag is also unbelievably easy for people to hang up and they can use it in any environment whenever they want. It comes with a set of heavy-duty double-ended nylon straps. These allow for the bag to be hung with ease in nearly any location.

The system keeps the bag up and is strong enough to withstand punches and excessive force. However few people can’t decide about the method for hanging a punching bag. If you are a complete beginner we will recommend you read the manual properly before you try hanging it.

User Comfort

Lightweight bags are evaluated less useful especially for pros. However, you can pick lightweight bags for normal exercise. On the other hand, buyers choose heavy bags rather than lightweight bags. Now, we believe you already know about few cool punching bags from our 7 best punching bags review.

Now, people find this everlast 100lb heavy bag comfortable that a heavy bag provides the right amount of resistance that required for strength training. So, the pros feel comfortable while using it. Though it’s a tough bad-ass and could likely lead to a hand injury, you should keep in mind the idea of protecting your hand with the best boxing gloves before hitting the Everlast 100 pound c3 foam heavy bag.


  • Will the bag be okay outside if I cover it from the rain?

Answer: You can’t put it outside. There is a reason behind it and that is the hot and cold changes would be hard on it

  •  Can this bag take knees or kicks? Or is it for boxing only?

Answer: Many people think that the bag is only for boxing but it can easily handle knees or kicks. You might even get a sensitive foot or knee. It assists to have an anchor at the bottom too.

  • Can this be used by 12 years old?

Answer:  It really depends on the height of your son but since he’ll grow into it anyhow, We’d say no worries.  It’s a really god-sized bag. So, a 12 years old boy can easily use it.


  • The Everlast c3 foam punching bag is perfect for boxers.
  • Supplies a good deal of shock absorbency while both punching and kicking
  • Is heavyweight
  • Long-lasting and functional.
  • Everlast heavy bag is built with the double end attachment loop on the bottom of the bag.
  • Packed with a custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers.
  • The strong design maintains durability.
  • The Everlast C3 Foam Heavy Bag is ideal for cardio training.


  • Not the best for those who hit hard.

Final Words

So far in the Everlast c3 100 pound foam heavy bag review, We have been able to find some amazing and positive features and characteristics to this heavy bag. Yes, it is not the best for those who hit hard, but we don’t think it major issue to avoid this everlast 100lb  heavy bag. If you compared the flaws to the positives, you will find several positive aspects of the Everlast c3 100 pound foam heavy bag. We are amazed and joyful with the Everlast c3 100 pound foam heavy bag, and there is no reason that you feel otherwise. To sum up, I would like to say that, it is a heavy bag which is long-lasting and functional from Everlast, which you will enjoy hitting.

This concludes the Everlast c3 100 pound foam heavy bag review. We hope you appreciated and gathered some important points from it. If you are looking for a heavy bag we would like to recommend it. Choose wisely and we will soon return with something new, take care!

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