How does the boxing scoring system work?

boxing counting explained

Boxing is a great sport that has been around for ages. Although boxing appears fairly simple, there are quite a few rules that you most likely don’t know about. In this article, I will inform you all about how the boxing scoring system works.

How are punches counted in boxing?

In boxing, a punch is usually classified as either a jab or a power punch. The effectiveness of each punch also varies. A solid landed punch is basically a completely clean punch that a fighter lands. A rolling punch would basically where a fighter sees it coming at the last moment and slightly rolls with it.

Another type of punch would be if the fighter throws a punch which is slowed by grazing a glove for example. A final type of punch counted would be where the punch just grazes a fighter and he is slipping it.

How does the 10 count work in boxing?

At the moment amateur and professional boxing matches are scored on a 10 point system. If both fighters are evenly matched for the entirety of the round, it is likely that the score will be 10 – 9, with the 10 in favor of the fighter that performed slightly better than the other.

However, if a knockdown occurs during the fight, the one who got knocked down will lose 1 point. A fighter typically loses an additional point every time he is knocked down in the round.

Why do boxing refs keep counting?

Boxing refs typically continue to count in order to make sure that the fighter is actually able to continue and not just out on his feet. This also gives the fighter a small opportunity to recompose themself.

When should a boxing referee stop a fight?

Stopping a fight at the right time is a very important task for a referee. They must make sure that they stop it on time in order to prevent further unnecessary injury to a fighter.

A referee will usually stop a fight if a fighter is knocked down and is unable to answer a 10 count or if a fighter is being severely punished and can no longer defend themself.

How many points do you need to win a boxing match?

If a knockout does not occur during the boxing match, the fight will then be up to a judge’s decision. In order to win a boxing match, you will need to have the most points.

This will be judged by the 10 point system to decide the winner of each round. After all, rounds are complete the winner will be declared based on whoever has won the most rounds.

How do points get deducted in boxing?

At the beginning of a round, each fighter will basically have 10 points. The loser of the round will have 1 point deducted from him. additional points may be deducted accordingly if a knockdown occurs.

How many points is a knockdown?

In a boxing round, each point is equivalent to a deduction of one point. Multiple knockdowns in a round can result in a fighter having a lot of points deducted which will give the other fighter a very big edge if the fight goes until a decision. There is, however a maximum number of knockdowns that I will touch on.

How many knockdowns are allowed in boxing?

In professional boxing matches, many have a 3 knockdown rule. this means that if a fighter is knocked down 3 times in a given round then the bout will be automatically stopped and listed as a TKO (technical knock out). Due to this, a fighter will not end around with under 7 points.

What is a tie called in boxing?

In boxing, there are technically three types of ties.

Majority draw

A majority draw is where 2 out of 3 judges agree that neither fighter won (tied scorecard). The third judge, however, believes that one fighter did win over the other. The 2 judges will take the majority over the one and the fight will be considered a majority draw.

Unanimous draw

A unanimous draw is quite rare and it is where all 3 judges score the fight as a tie.

Split draw

The final type of drawing is known as a split dry. This is where 2 judges score a winner of the fight (both are different) and the final judge scores the fight as a draw.

Closing remarks

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and now feel like you know a lot more about how the scoring system works in boxing!

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