How To Make A Punching Bag For Kids Effortlessly

All right so welcome to this very short article on “How To Make Punching Bag For Your Kid”, in-home and not to mention you won’t have to invest lots of time to get it done. You only need 3 things!

Let’s start!

The method of kids punching bag making we are going to talk about is really easy. 

The 3 things you’ll need:

  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Rope and ribbon

Step 1

Choose the type of water bottle you will need. Its size can vary depending on your kids’ age. If you are planning to make punching bags for your toddler, then choosing a 250 ml plastic water bottle will be wise.

If your kid is 4 or 5 years old then you may consider any size from 1 liter to 2 liters depending on your requirement.

We recommend getting a sports stainless steel water bottle, the one which with a plastic lid which allows inserting a finger. The reason is with such a bottle you won’t have to make extra effort to hang the bottle.

Coming to hang and rope-ribbon part later. Right now let’s focus on the filler. You can use anything as filler which you can think to put in the bottle. However, putting water, sand or soil will be much easier.

You can put water and sand together if you want to make it heavier. The best part is you can increase decrease the amount of filler to change the weight of the punching bags.

If you are using a plastic bottle, you will need to create a circle with a small rope, and you will need to circle of rope. Then create support using tape to hang your kid’s punching bag. Not clear?

Yeah, we know it’s confusing without video instructions. So take a look at the video below to figure out what you need to do.

Step 2

Once you have filled the bottle with filler roll it with a towel and tie it with a ribbon for a good look. The towel will give it a more comfortable exterior.

Step 3

If you are using a stainless steel bottle we recommended then just hang it with a rope.

However, in case if you find some parts of this article confusing we suggest you watch the provided video for better understanding.

Making Punching Bag For Kids At Home: DONE!

Congratulation, great work with the punching bag for kids. Do you know that right now kids having physical and psychological troubles only due to physical inactivity? Getting a fresh homemade punching bag out of mothers’ wardrobe can really cheer them up to stay active.

According to the lancet a leading health publication, physical inactivity has severe consequences. According to WHO more than 3 million people die annually just because of physical inactivity. Only in the USA more people die due to this problem than smoking.

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