Ping Pong for Kids

ping pong for kids
Ping pong is a fun game, if you as a kid learn the basic rules of playing it. As you are a kid, you need to learn a few techniques to get the most out of this exciting game. Table tennis techniques have changed a lot, yet the old simple techniques are equally helpful these days. In this article, you will get to know the basic skills on how to play the game and master it. So let’s get started with ping pong for kids.

Basic Skills to Play Ping Pong for Kids


The very first fundamental of ping pong is to learn the correct grip. The pen hold technique is the easiest technique where the bat is held just like you hold a pen.

Another grip is the shake hand grip which is actually easier than the pen hold grip. For kids it’s better you spend time developing your own version of the shake hand grip. Practicing Bouncing and controlling the ball with your own shake hand grip will help your brain to save your grip in memory.


Before hitting your ball you should get your stance right. To get a good stance you need to stand low and wide. The idea is to make your center of habit as low as possible. Well, this position might be a bit tiring in the beginning, but don’t worry after a few days you will get over it.


The next important thing before you start playing is footwork. While many players are taught to give stroke first in standing position, but the fact is ping pong is an active sport so you need to move and stroke simultaneously.

To give good strokes you don’t have to move very far, with little adjustments with your feet you can play well. Firstly, you need to get comfortable with the side step footwork. Practice this around a ping pong board in circles.

Forehand Drive

Finally, it’s time to hit the ball. The key is consistency and accuracy. Do not hit the ball hard or get carried away hitting the ball too fast. As a beginner, once you become consistent, you are the king!

Well, the key to play ping pong is, never to get driven out to be too accurate about your techniques. When it comes to hitting the ball, hit it in a relaxed and natural way. You have to keep on rallying to the point when you’re comfortable with the forehand drive. Your target is to play controlled shots without doing one mistake.

Backhand Drive

For the Backhand drive, the technique is similar to the forehand drive. Though in the general backhand drive is tougher than forehand drive, simple people actually find it easier.

Note that the grip for a backhand drive and forehand drive is somewhat the same. Once you get the consistency to start combing forehand & backhand strokes together.

Backhand and Forehand Push

These are your backspin strokes. Well, let’s be honest it’s quite hard to play both the topspin game and backspin game together. So if you can’t do it, it’s not a big problem. You can start practicing the backhand push since it’s the easier one.

By doing continuous rallies you will be able to pick up the backhand push. When you put too many backspins on the ball, the other person ends up pushing the ball into the net.


The easy way to serve is the plan serve which has a very little spin or some bit of topspin. As a beginner, you keep practicing that first. But after a few days, you have to practice serving with a spin. Changing the spins while serving confuses the opponent.

There are different kinds of serving techniques but the one that works the best is the ghost serve. It is a heavy backspin serve where the ball has too much backspin on it which makes it bounce back into the net.

Well, serving is a personal thing. You can choose forehand, backhand, or combine both while serving. It completely depends upon which way you are comfortable the most.

Returning the serves

Returning the serve is a tricky job. The key to do this efficiently is by tracking the placement of the service and find out which type of spin is on the ball. If the opponent has put topspin on serve you have to drive it back, if he put a backspin you have to push it back.

Follow the above-mentioned basic skills to play ping pong for kids and soon you will master the game!

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