Ping Pong with Friends

ping pong with friends

Recently, having fun with your friends while indoors is growing in popularity and people are coming up with creative ideas to have fun with a couple of friends without spending too much.

Playing the wonderful game of ping pong would be a good idea to start with. Table tennis is a good and technical indoor game that requires two or more participants to enjoy playing it. It would sound like a good plan for a group of friends who are conversant with the game.

To make it more fun you could think of coming up with a tournament and have everybody involved and make it more interesting by including prizes and awards for the winners. Creativity plays a vital part in making any gathering of friends exciting and fun.

Around the World Ping Pong (Round Robin)

To enjoy this game you need participants, a ping pong ball, and two paddles. The rules of the game are simple but anybody who misses twice gets thrown out of the game. How this game operates is a little bit different from the game since there could be 5 to 15 participants who should surround the table.

There should be two players on opposite sides of the table tennis table to take and receive the serving. What happens is the person serving the ball hits the ball to the friend on the other side places the paddle on the table and moves in a clockwise direction which should have a ripple effect on every participant in the circle.

The ball should be struck once by each individual as they rotate. As said earlier the player who misses the ball twice gets punished by leaving the game as the circle grows smaller. When two individuals are left they continue hitting the ball but additionally, they have to drop the paddle on the table turn around to pick up the paddle again to continue with the game until one misses and we are left with a winner.

Ball around the table

This game is quite similar to the around-the-table game which is also referred to as round-robin. In this game, you will need a few contestants and each one of them should have a paddle. The participants also make a similar formation or pattern as in the round-robin. This means that everybody has his own fixed spot which they should maintain and not rotate as seen in the round-robin game.
The rules here are also simple to follow where each participant is expected to pass the ball to the next player who is closer to them depending on the rotation used in the game. The participants who fail to pass the ball to the next player consequently get kicked out of the game or lose points depending on the set rewards for the game.

Playing Beer Pong

There’s also a group of friends who may not have an idea of how the ping pong game is played. There are other close alternatives to go for and make everybody all-inclusive.

Since it’s all fun and games you could use the ping pong ball to play a game called Beer pong. This is a fun game that involves as many participants as possible, a lot of party cups, alcoholic beverages, and many table tennis tables. This interesting game is played by creating two teams that should compete against each other.

The teams should take turns in playing the game which needs to have party cups filled with beer or ant another alcoholic beverage. There should be a tabletop that has cups arranged facing one another as the teams also face each other on opposite sides.

The team to go first tosses a ping pong ball on the ping pong table and when the ball lands in one of the cups then the opposition has to drink whatever content is on them. If one of the participants from one team gets to hit the cup then another teammate gets another chance to shoot the ball. Any team that manages to hit all the opponent’s cups are granted the victory. The winner of the games typically waits for the next challenger. The secret here is being creative in surfaces you choose to play on and keeping track of who should play next.

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