Top 7: Best Professional Mouth guard


In boxing, wearing a mouth guard is vital in preventing injuries linked with jaws and teeth. The most common injuries include loose teeth, chipped teeth, or completely snapped off teeth although most people are not aware of the dangers caused by a hit tooth which could lead to brain damage. As a result, various mouth guard products in the market to suit the needs of athletes.

In this article, we talk about 7 different mouth guards for boxing. We give you as much information possible on these products and give you all the pros and cons so you don’t have to go through hours of research!

The top 7 best professional mouth guards are:

  1. Venum Challenger
  2. The SISU Aero 1.6mm
  3. Shock Doctor Max Airflow
  4. Shock Doctor Double Braces
  5. SISU Mx 2.4mm
  6. Redline Sportswear Custom Fit
  7. Venum Predator

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Venum Challenger

The Venum Challenger is a well-known brand in the field of combat sports and has a wide range of professional boxing mouth guards that suit in all types of fighting. The teeth shield comes with additional benefits that are not offered by other competitors since the product can be fully customized and comes with a carrying box to ensure cleanliness.

The Venum challenger is taller as compared to other mouth guards to facilitate the absorption of impact as well as offering more protection. The product is made of a high-density rubber with a slight lip that crinkles outwards to absorb impact before it hits the entire mouth guard.

The Venum challenger allows the athlete to completely remold and personalize the products to suit their needs by using a soft gel inside the teeth shield which softens when heated to allow users to fit in the mouth and make the specific shape required. However, the tall design of the mouth guard runs the risk of athletes being uncomfortable since it is not flexible after fitting in the user’s mouth, which may lead to various injuries.


  • Nexfit gel frame for comfort
  • High-density rubber for better shock absorption
  • With protective case
  • Fits like a glove
  • The fitting process is easy and clearly described
  • Also very suitable for women and teenagers


  • Difficult to talk with
  • It looks very small (too small) when you see it, but read the instructions first before you judge.
  • Does not come with a strap 


The SISU Aero 1.6mm

The SISU Aero 1.6mm mouth guard is a super slim model that is outstanding in terms of design and ergonomics. The product is constructed in a unique thin manner that allows athletes to drink and speak comfortably with fewer impediments meaning that they can breathe freely.

The mouth guard has been created in a way that protects both the teeth and the gums. The upper part of the SISU aero 1.6mm has an incredible top design with large bumps that are similar to a cloud to ensure more surface area required in absorbing impacts resulting from a professional boxing challenge.

The teeth shield has small perforated holes that allow the energy absorbed from the collision to dissipate in addition to enhances elasticity and flexibility. However, the SISU aero 1.6mm is expensive as compared to other mouth guards despite being top in the line.


  • Easy to talk and drink without removing the guard
  • Breathe easier
  • Wider bite pad
  • Rounded edges for more comfort and perfect fit
  • Molds perfectly
  • Stays put


  • Might take some practice to mold it right (but there is a video available with clear instructions so check that out if you buy this one)
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Does not come with a strap 


Shock Doctor Max Airflow

The shock doctor max airflow is an undisputed mouth guard created by a trustworthy brand that is known for innovativeness in products used by professional boxers. The shock doctor brand is famous since it does not overcharge when providing top quality products.

The max airflow mouthguard is a comfortable way of protecting teeth which is made of a silicone material that is flexible and can be controlled to suit the user’s needs while maintaining the ability to absorb a shock impact. The teeth shield is created with a sizable area that works as a tube to facilitate breathing.

To prevent the pipe from collapsing, the mouth guard has an in-built column that supports the opening, which in turn improves the integrity. Max airflow contains an extra beam that prevents the incisor teeth from clashing or hitting the lower teeth in a boxing activity. However, the mouth guard tends to be large in the mouth, which may be uncomfortable for the professional boxers.


  • Very affordable option
  • No-mold fit
  • Easier to breathe!
  • Latex-free, BPA free, Phthalate Free
  • Works well with braces
  • Easier to talk with than a lot of other mouthguards


  • Suitable for teenagers but nog for children


Shock Doctor Double Braces

The shock doctor double braces is a top-rated professional boxing mouth guard manufactured using the latest technology to suit the needs of people that must wear braces. For professional boxers, having braces can be extremely dodgy since a slight impact can slice a lip which makes them invest in outstanding protective gear.

The double brace mouth guard has been specifically designed to protect the top and bottom teeth by thoroughly covering all the metal in the mouth. When the hit lands, the plastic acts as a barrier to prevent the metal from directly getting into the skin, leaving the athlete with an injury.

To prevent boxers from feeling faint due to lack of air, the double brace strapless mouth guard has large channels that allow air to circulate within the athlete’s mouth, thus eliminating the suffocation feeling.

The mouth guard comes at affordable prices and is designed to adapt to the user’s teeth after making adjustments. However, the mouth guard tends to be bulky in the mouth, which in turn may affect the boxer’s performance in case they are uncomfortable.


  • No-mold fit
  • For upper and lower teeth
  • 2 options: Children and Teenagers/adults
  • Made out of 100% HQ silicone
  • Specially developed for use with orthodontics
  • Comes with a strap 


  • Difficult to talk with
  • Might be a little big and bulky, especially for teenagers


SISU Mx 2.4mm

The SISU Max 2.4mm is a remarkable boxing mouth guard that is designed with a broader bite pad which gives the boxer an area to mold and allows the teeth to rest inside comfortably. The teeth shield includes a rounded edge which prevents the tough rubber from rubbing against the user’s gum or cutting the inner part of the mouth.

The product is an essential way of protecting the teeth while maintaining the ability to speak, drink and breathe. Unlike other products meant to protect the teeth, the max 2.4mm mouthguard is softer to facilitate better absorption of collusion. The rubber is flexible enough in a way that when the boxer is hit, the energy of the shock is absorbed and distributed across the entire mouthguard. The elastic and thin plastic starts a vibration that recedes a lot of energy in the attacked area.

The mouth guard has a thin bite pad created within to make it softer and more comfortable to mold when the athlete uses it. The soft bite pad makes the molding to be more pleasant, giving the boxer a satisfying experience. However, the SISU max 2.4mm is quite expensive compared to other brands due to the technology used in production to distribute the shock impact with the aim of reducing the severity of the injury.


  • Very thin material with the same level of protection
  • Round edges for more comfort
  • Easy to breathe
  • Easy to talk and drink
  • Molds perfectly


  • Might take some practice to mold it right (check out the brand’s video with instructions!)
  • Not the cheapest option

Redline Sportswear Custom Fit

Redline sportswear custom fit is a highly rated professional boxing mouth guard that comes in various colors that a boxer can choose from. The product includes a shielding case with an attached clip carabiner that allows the fighter to transport the teeth protector easily.

To prevent the user from consuming harmful substances, athletes are usually recommended to scrub down their mouth guards. The redline sportswear product has a vented case which helps in ensuring that air flows through the carrier, which in turn prevents mold and bacteria from building up in case of any moisture.

The airflow keeps the inner part of the case together with the teeth shield dry. The mouth guard has taken various steps in ensuring that the athlete is fully protected. As a result, the product is created using two layers of long-lasting plastic that absorbs more shock. The brand has worked with dentists in identifying places where athletes tend to wear down occasionally and in turn reinforcing the areas with an additional plastic layer.

The custom-fit mouthguard comes at an extremely affordable price which can be ideal for beginners in need of essential teeth shield. However, the mouth guard is usually difficult to mold due to the material used in production in addition to the inevitable grinding that occurs when the boxer wears the mouth guard.


  • Mold to the perfect fit
  • For kids, teenagers, women, and men
  • Available in different colors
  • 100% FDA approved BPA free, latex-free, and PVC free materials
  • With protection case


  • The molding instructions that are included might not be clear enough or not completely right. Do your own research on how to properly mold a mouth guard to prevent ruining it right away.


Venum Predator

The Venum Predator is among the best professional combat mouthguard which is capable of absorbing the energy from a blow and disperses it to other stronger parts of the athlete’s body, including the jawline.

Inappropriate molding subjects the boxer’s teeth into awkward positions with the use of a mouth guard leading to higher tension which can snap or break the teeth when hit since they are not in their usual spot.

The Venum predator contains a soft gel that allows the boxer to conventionally fit in by mold or remold the gear until it appropriately fits inside the user’s mouth. To reduce the number of discomfort cases, the product has created little nubs in the bottom to allow the athlete to feel like he is still clamping down hard in addition to allowing air to filter through.

The airflow to the boxers’ brain will enable them to stay alert as well as increasing their endurance in combat activities. However, the mouth guard is a bit thick, which could be challenging for athletes who may feel uncomfortable using the product.


  • Nextfit gel frame for comfort
  • Boil to the perfect fit 
  • Easy to breathe 
  • Hight density rubber for optimal shock absorption 
  • With protection case
  • You can talk and drink without removing the piece (although it is not very easy)


  • For adults only 
  • Does not come with a strap
  • Might be a little big and bulky 

Mouth guard faq

How long should a mouthguard last? 

With proper care, your mouthguard should last a couple of years. So clean it and store it properly and try not to chew. Even though a mouthguard can last a couple of years, it is recommended that you replace it every year. This to keep optimal protection and for hygiene reasons. 

How many times can you remold a mouthguard?

This depends on the brand. Every SISU guard, for example, is remoldable up to 20 times. Simply put the mouthguard back in the hot water and follow the molding instructions all over again. 

Can you drink water with a mouthguard?

This depends on the brand. Some brands do not recommend this because it will make the color of the mouth guard fade. While other brands, like SISU promote that you can drink water while wearing their 2.4 mm or 1.6 mm mouth guard. 

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