Read Before Buying The Nevatear Heavy Bag !!

Admit it, when it comes to boxing or practicing some kick on a lazy day, you would rather have a punching bag at home form the best best punching bags for home available in the market than having to visit the local expensive gym every week. But, when the time comes to actually buy your desired punching bag, you become utterly confused, because seriously, there are so many choose from!! Even there are plenty of Everlast heavy bag including freestanding heavy bag!!


there are varieties of heavy bags offered by Everlast. And also there are wide number of heavy bag manufacturers offering lucrative deals.

As time passes by, this choice seems to become harder. That’s where we come in! So wipe that confused look out of your face, and get ready for the real review about one of the best punching bag that is currently available in the market which is none other than 100 Pound Nevatear Heavy Bag.


100lbs Everlast Heavy Bag Reviewed!


The First Impression

100 Pound Nevatear Heavy Bag has got an attractive thing going on with its black colour and yellow traditional logo. It is perfect for kickboxing and cardio boxing and its one of the best punching bag you can get at such a reasonable price.

The synthetic leather is long lasting. The bag has resilient shock absorbency feature.

Best Everlast Heavy Bag

Moreover, the bag has double end attachment and the lower loop attachment works to keep the bag stable and stops it from swinging wildly. In addition to that, as it comes with adjustable chain, you can adjust it according to your height.

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When it comes to durability, never fear! Nevateart heavy bag is just for you. Go ahead and throw as many mean punches as you can.

Give it your best shot. This bag can take any heavy pounding that you hand over to it. So whenever you are feeling frustrated and want to kick some ass or you just want to cardio box for the sake of your heart, go there and start pounding.


Setting Up  The Everlast Heavy Bag

This Everlast heavy bag is really easy to setup, might even take approximately 5-10 minutes to set this whole thing up. But make sure the support from where you are hanging this bag from is strong enough. Otherwise, if accident happens, and the support breaks down with its 100 pound weight, it can do considerable damage to you provided it catches you unaware.

Another thing that I will suggest is that, do not use the chains that comes with the bag. Go to your local store and buy some heavier chains as the chains they provide are quite inferior. After you have bought some sturdy replacements for the chains and the clips, adjust the height and you are ready to give it a go.

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Everlast gives the warranty that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for the time period of approximately 4 months ( 120 days to be exact ) from the date it was purchased.

But if the product have been abused, neglected or misused, they will not be responsible. If there seems to be any defect in the product, everlast holds itself liable for repairing or replacing the product if the customer returns the product within 120 – day time period.



  • can withstand heavy pounding
  • suitable for sporting and cardio workout
  • lower loop attachment preventing wild swinging
  • affordable
  • easy to hang
  • durable material
  • perfect weight
  • attractive color
  • can be adjusted according to one’s height



  • The chains they provide are of low quality
  • The stuffing settles to the bottom after some using it for a short period

Find Out What People Say About It!

What Customers think about 100 Pound Nevatear Heavy Bag!!

We visited plenty of online markets to figure out customers thought about the Nevatear heavy bag, most of the customers seems to be overjoyed about this bag considering they get this quality product at such an affordable price.

Though some of them complained about the low quality of the chains and clips that come with the bag and about the seams being ripped open after sometime, those can be avoided easily by the following few simple methods we recommended.


Recommendations For Absolute Beginners

Guys, no need to get so worked about seeing all those negative reviews in different sites. If you follow some simple steps, you and your punching bag should do just fine.

  1. After buying this, make a quick stop at a local shop and buy heavy chains. That way you won’t have to use the chains that they provide with the bag.
  2. Make sure the support from where you are hanging it is solid.
  3. Wear some gloves to protect your knuckles.
  4. After some use, you will see that the stuffing has settled in the bottom. So, put it down for a day thrice a month, or you can hit it with a baseball bat till the weight redistributed again.

 Final Words

To conclude, I would like to say that, there is no way in this world, that you can have such a spectacular punching bag at such a reasonable price. We can say, if you buy this bag, you will not regret your decision.

Yes, still there are some negative aspects of this product, but if you look at the bigger picture in terms of price, durability and comfort, this thing can not get any better. So this one you can definitely say a “Go For It” product among all the heavy bag introduced by Everlast. Hope this review was helpful for your decision about buying the appropriate punching bag. Good Luck.

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