Thunderfit Adjustable Grip Strengthener Review

Do you know, buying the best hand grip strengthener can be an investment in life, whether you’re a novice or professional athlete?

When you exercise with grip strength tools, it actually improves your range of motion, and give you pain relief.

Believe it or not, exercising with a gripper can be an effective way to increase your hand strength. It is also called a crushing grip which is the grip strength tool’s focus. In fact, regular handgrip exercise can also strengthen your lower arm, fingers, wrists as well as forearms.

We have already discussed thunder fit hand gripper briefly, however, we thought detailed research on it would be better.

Thunderfit Review 

Best hand gripper are the best grip strengths tools


Thunderfit gripper is really popular among the hand gripper users. If you check online shops, you will notice the high volume of purchases and reviews. The best thing is it’s re-adjustable, you can adjust its resistance from 10 kg to 40 kg. So, you won’t have to spend money to buy different hand grippers with different resistance levels.


  • Product Dimensions:1 x 0.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Material: Enhanced Steel spring

Highlighted Features:

  • Portable
  • Simple Adjustability
  • Different resistance level
  • User-friendly design


  • Affordable and appealing
  • Strong resistance, durability, and precision
  • Comfortable and easy to use anytime, anywhere
  • Offers several different modes of operation
  • Small equipment and can store in small places
  • It has room for fingers that make it more comfortable to use
  • It lets you have quick yet effective hand workouts
  • Very smooth, handy and does not emit sound while using
  • Fits both small to large-sized hands
  • It can set to different resistance levels
  • Simplest and very effective hand exercising tool
  • Adjustable knob, fair closing, and opening intelligence
  • Comes in a variety of colors     


  • Not good at bearing high tension of maximum resistance level

How does a hand gripper help?

  • Handgrip strengthener helps with finger strength, endurance, and finger dexterity which required when climbing the rock.
  • Handgrip strengthener helps with finger strength, endurance, and finger dexterity which required when climbing the rock.
  • Enables to build enormously stronger handgrip strength.
  • Benefits in strengthening fingers or anyone experiencing arthritis.
  • Successfully reduce tension and stress on the wrist and other parts of the arms.
  • Ideal for grip strength development.
  • Trains your fingers, handgrip, and forearm effectively.
  • It concedes an excellent range of grip effort and comfort.
  • The hand gripper also works great for rehabilitation and restoration.  

You can use the Thunderfit hand gripper without paying any concentration, while watching the news, chatting with friends. Using it is actually the best handgrip exercise because you end up getting a strong forearm much easier with it.


By using hand grip strengthener:

  • You can expect to make your grip stronger.
  • Your forearm strength will improve surprisingly.
  • Regular application of this tool can ultimately make your hand tissue strong.
  • You can develop better endurance by applying pressure for long times.
  • Perform the best exercises to increase the strength of forearms.
  • You can do sounder workouts and strongly avoid any severe injuries.
  • Very useful for those who suffer from wrist and hand issues and require to perform hand exercises.
  • It improves your ability to perform daily activities and function normally.
  • It allows joints to become more limber as well as flexible.
  • From beginners to expert users can perform hand exercises with it.
  • It serves to change positions to work on different parts of the hands.

You can buy it in your local shops or order it online. You won’t have to worry about assemble, it comes in a ready to use condition.


  • Excessive gripping workouts can be harmful to your hands.
  • Due to extreme grip and forearm conditioning, you may feel the irritation of the muscle connecting the forearm muscle to the elbow.

Who can start with this gripper?

  • Beginner working out with gripper the first time,
  • A senior or a rehab patient
  • People with arthritis
  • Mountaineers, looking strong grip
  • Who can’t do Dead Lift because of back pain
  • Who misses Dead Lift while traveling in car or train
  • People recovering from broken hand or wrist 

How to use it?

Using a hand gripper rated one strength level higher than commonly used other squeezing exercises.

Once you have your gripper in hand, you are required to learn how to set a gripper by reading the instructions written on the package.

  • Setting the gripper accurately will allow you to get to a strong and repeatable outset position.
  • While squeezing, you do not allow fingers or palms of the hands to slide forward or backward on the handles.
  • Try to maintain a stationary finger position throughout each exercise. Keep your fingers remain stationary throughout the exercise.

Who is it for?

  • Athletes
  • Rock climbers
  • Golfers
  • Tennis players
  • Arthritis Patients
  • Individuals who have hand pain, pain in the wrist or forearm, etc.

The misconception of using grip strengthener:

Few people assume that grippers don’t work effectively, although it is not true at all. It can undoubtedly say that you can actually improve your grip strength using this fascinating tool.

In particular, there are a few scientifically proven, best handgrip exercises that you can practice to develop your grip strength using this best grip strengthening tool.

Best hand gripper are the best grip strengths tools

Where to buy it?

You can easily find it in your local shops, or you can order online.

Thanks for your time

Our hands’ strength weakens with age and time. Therefore, a hand-held device like Thunderfit is a good option to undertake some best handgrip exercise.

If you are thinking about what to buy for your grandparents this year then go for it. Because we bet they didn’t like the helpless sensation they felt when that coffee mug fell from their hand. This tool may help them.

By the way,

Do you know, studies show that grip strength is a predictor of muscular endurance and overall durability? If you are willing to invest in inexpensive equipment as well as get the best results in no time flat, then you definitely should consider using the best adjustable grip strengthener.

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