Mini Stepper Review! Probably The Best Under Desk Elliptical!

Physical fitness is really important to have an ebullient life. But mostly people remain busy in their work, so they don’t get enough time & purview to do the exercise. Today we bring the solution to exercise in your busy scheduled day. It is the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer. This Mini stepper review affirm you can do the exercise and work in your work place at the same time.

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  • Multiple manoeuvre alternatives: you can use the trainer in both postures-sitting or standing.
  • Change the pedal forward or reverse to serve different muscle
  • Modifiable intensity level: adjust the tension level as per your exercise requirement.
  • Display log: a digital monitor shows the number of steps/ minute, total steps number, amount of calories burned, exercise time etc.
  • An outstanding gear for gaming: while playing video game, you can promote leg exercise with no distraction.
  • Well built steel construction

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

You can use the stamina in-motion trainer sitting on a chair or standing on it. Your preference is all that matters. If you have balance or mobility issue while standing; then most welcome, sit on a chair or on the bed & use the trainer. It provides pedaling in back pedal motion for a preferred workout. For such reverse pedaling, different muscle from the lower body would enhance muscular strength.

This mini stepper benefits you in many ways. It’s an effective appliance to burn calorie every day.  There are people who don’t get enough time to go for jogging. This trainer is like a relief to them because they can continue their workout at home. It burns similar amount of calorie that you would burn by jogging.

It increases circulation throughout the body due to fast & continuous movement of the lower arm. This mini stepper with monitor display shows the measurement of calories burnt. You can account in this way and can reach your target of calorie burning in case you prefer a goal.



  • Notable for cardio exercise as it boost blood circulation.
  • Non glide pedal fabrication
  • Lightweight & can be carried easily
  • Noiseless machine; you can use the product at your workplace.
  • Easy to organize
  • Dense design; can be placed under a bed / a desk pretty well.
  • Cater excellent exercise to different muscle; appreciating for the people with joint pain


  • Short stride length
  • One may face balancing issue on then trainer
  • Absence of workout program

The multipurpose monitor helps you to keep a track on your progress. It plays the role of a motivator & inspires you to move into further progress. The scan function periodically displays all the records.

People of different ages can use the trainer. Stamina of everyone is not the same. So there is a tension knob by adjusting which you can modify the intensity of workout. Its resistance is commendable. The resistance serves the purpose well to the beginner & intermediate level workout. But the level is not proposed for the athletes’.

Before moving ahead, let’s watch a video on this space saving elliptical trainer.

Unlike most elliptical trainer, the trainer has no support arm. Stamina In-Motion is a portable stair steeper. To carry the product from place to place, you can hold at the center place (between two strides).

The foot pedal doesn’t boast toe clips (straps). The strider being textured, it provides excellent grip for. It secures your feet when pedaling. The strider proceeds in a smooth motion. It doesn’t exert pressure on the muscle/bone joints.

[wpsm_highlight color=”green”]An alternative to gym![/wpsm_highlight]

The elliptical trainer provides muscular movement, body fitness & effective weight loose for which you prefer to go to the gym. It would help you to perform your workout & cardio exercise at home or workplace. Buying one trainer would save your money & time that you invest in a gym.

If you want to have pretty toned leg, then elliptical trainer would be the right choice for you. It emphasizes the movement of the hamstring, calf muscle and makes the leg brawny.

Mini stepper plays a significant role in preventing diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. The trainer is completely trouble free to preserve. It’s small enough to keep under the bed/table/desk. You can keep it in one corner of the house; it would not consume much space. A space saving elliptical trainer indeed!

The pedal trainer is cost effective product than a full sized elliptical trainer. Being small in size, Stamina In-Motion trainer fairly costs less than a full sized trainer. The trainer can carry a person of maximum 113 kg.

Don’t get time for exercise due to workload?

It serves a 2 in 1 purpose!

Place the trainer under your desk at the office. Keeping the feet on pedal, you can continue your work. Exercise & work will go on in full swing. You can work with no disturbance. It doesn’t produce sound. So your fellow mates would not get any hint of its presence. See! On this ground, people term it to be one of the best under desk elliptical machine.

The trainer would increase ones activity pitch. You can use the trainer while watching TV, reading a magazine apart from exercise time. The silent trainer would not create disturbance to the tasks.

Stamina - in motion steeper another side

It’s a non folding trainer. Assembling the several parts takes barley five minutes. In case the wheel losses grease, there is chance to create squeak. In such a situation, use wd-40 to resolve the issue. Also the user can’t fasten resistance band; the product serves pedal biking purpose.

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is an auxiliary machine to a full sized trainer. It is economic. The trainer is praised for its stylish & compact design. The trainer is a reliable machine if it is used merely as a desk trainer with low resistance.

This is one of the best in the market. You will definitely find this product worthwhile for being engaged to a 9 to 5 desk job. Buying an elliptical trainer would help you to save the expense of the gym membership. In fact, you can spend quality time with family being on the pedal; no disturbance to the movie or some quality time. So quite looking for mini stepper reviews and get one of this already!

Pick a Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer and enjoy the daily dozen.

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