Weight Loss Tips About Which More Than 500 People Are NOT Aware!

What is the most common belief harbored by the general populace when it comes to weight loss?

A hint :

The belief is related to exercise of course.

We assume you’ll agree with us when we say:

Most people believe while reading a weight loss guide for achieving their goals is that all they have to do is to burn off more calories than they consume. They keep searching for weight loss tips and motivations to try at home for fast results most of the time.

Mmm, well yes this is how it works  technically.

Well it turns out that losing weight for both men and women is not hard as people say.

However, naturally whenever someone feels like they are getting fat and it’s high time they started losing some weight they turn to gyms or in other cases to punching bags for weight loss cardio workouts.

You may have guessed already- This article is all about strategies for weight loss.  We will be talking about few natural fat burning tips and challenges about why people find losing fat surprisingly difficult!

weight loss tips that worksThey buy the fanciest punching bag for cardio they can afford, and instantly feel this exhilaration as if buying this bag or expensive gears will magically solve all their obesity issues.

Here’s the catch,

Recently more and more research is proving that contrary to popular belief exercise does not help us that much when it comes to weight loss.

In fact, a recent study of the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical research establishment in the US has shown that when someone only relies on exercise to lose weight there was little to no difference made by the daily exercise and if he is to lose some fat the best course of action would be to control his diet.

Why is it!! Here is the first reason-

weight loss guide

If you haven’t figured it out completely yet than-

1) Hit F11 to look at the article at full screen

2) Look closer

Okay, what did you missed! Yes, Don’t worry. Most of the people miss it. Like most of people missed it before they start this weight loss thing.

But, note down:

This article don’t say anything about great weight loss tips with fast results sort of things.

Now Take a deep breath;

It’s time that instead of totally depending on your fancy latest diet plan to reduce the fat on your waistline, you apply scientific methods to achieve your weight loss goals. We are not saying you have to blindly believe whatever suggestions we give you.

Here we will be presenting all the research data and expert opinions on weight loss to show you how exercising alone is never ever the solution if you are to shed some fat.

But Before we wanna share something with you-

There Is No Shortcut

We don’t have any magic to share, and this article can’t satisfy you if you such expectations.  weight-loss-tips-tired

You are still here! Let’s start then!

When anthropologist Herman Pontzer went to Tanzania to study one of the last surviving hunter-gatherer tribe on the earth, he thought he will find some super active people who burn their calories like machines.

But what he found was the most astonishing fact which was despite being more active than the average indolent American the amount of calories they burned daily was much more closer to the amount typical American burned contrary to his previous belief of course.

Now here comes the question. How come 2 in 5 Americans are obese whereas most of the hunter-gatherer people are fit like horses despite the fact that both burn the same amount of calories everyday?

Surprised! Well first problem is what you see in mirror. A lazy extra-large-Fatso who can’t work properly and think “Tomorrow is the day!”

Well guess what!

Today is the day!

Believe that the person you see in the mirror is a healthy guy, who is very careful about not getting fat. Seems like a joke?!

Well it won’t cost a penny to give a try. So first you have to believe that you are not fat, and you are Health conscious.

You might be wondering, But once you break out your mind prison the next part is simple-

control your action

Surprisingly you have already heard “Chant I’m on diet or stuff like that” before right?


Well, not every inch is true. You can taste, but don’t dive in like hungry monster. Take a small piece and say That’s Enough For YOU.

You don’t have to be a Ph.D. holder to figure out the difference between a WHOLE pizza and just a small slice of pizza. You also know what outcome can come if you keep choosing that WHOLE pizza you wanted. So, control your actions.

For starters,

Research demonstrates that there is a limit as to how much calories we can burn each day no matter how intense our workout was. You may think that the more you exercise, the more calorie you burn.


So when you are trying your best to shed all those unwanted calories, chances are your body is adapting to this challenge you have thrown at it and putting checks and balances so that you do not run out of energy.

This is a primitive way of the body to maintain a stable energy expenditure level. So even though the tribal people from Pontzer’s research is crazy active, there’s no way they can cross the limit their body have set for them.

Wow! That’s interesting isn’t it! Now we may be planning to get “DIET PLAN !”

Oh Please! Come on! Diet Plan, Food Plan or chart. stuffs like this are important. But, Ahm…. they comes later. Specifically at the final stage is “DIET PLAN”. So do yourself a favor, and don’t just start it.

I know you already have questions like- “But people did become lean by following diet plans.” Hmm. Yes they did. But they also grew back to EXTRA HEALTHY again.

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Lets Talk About Weight Loss That Works!

You have to set your mind, you have to believe in your self and learn how to control yourself. They are easy though. However, you have to stay in practice for around a month. We will discuss about it in depth later in this article.

So just control your actions and start believing. When you start believing, everything become possible. Like ignoring the yummy chocolate cake or choosing the GYM to workout.

You know what? People ironically conscious about exercising and most of them make use of their gym membership card. So it should not come as surprise that they and the tribal people burn the same level of calories.

Why Are You Actually Gaining Weight?

Studies show that it all comes down to food in the end. Americans can be real careless when it comes to food.

weight-loss-tips-5                            weight-loss-tips-3              weight-loss-tips-2                  weight-loss-tips-1

They will literally consume anything that will appeal to their taste bud regardless of the fact that what they are consuming is a storehouse of calories and damaging their body.


This is where Believe and Actions burst in

There’s a reason why food industry in America has grown so much in the last couple of decades and the reason is none other  than the food habit of Americans.

But when it comes to that tribe, they actually never overeat. Not to mention, whatever they eat is fresh and healthy and does not contain all the fat and sugar that is found in pizzas, burgers and soft drinks.

I Just Need To Loss Weight!

We think you have already started to wonder-

why Lecturing with believes and actions so much!! Well if you have read Food Politics by Marlon Nestle, than you may already know that from very childhood you are under in an environment where food industry is really harsh. Here’s preview from Google Books-

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Now that we have established the fact that your fancy gym or Diet plan is not going to help to lose weight like a magic charm, and you also came to know about what are the root problem of your challenging weight loss journey and why you always find it so difficult.

Also it seems that you understood what makes the difference between being obese or fit is our food habit not how much workout we have done. We also have figured out a very root problem and how to deal with that.

From this point rest of the article will come handy only if you decide to stay focused and watch your action at least for 7 days. Well we are not claiming that we are providing best weight loss tips for fast results. However, you will notice the transformation. Have faith in yourself.

Here’s some genuine, scientifically proved suggestions that will help you in that regard. Only after you are done with the first two- Believe and Actions.


Drink more water

Drinking water can help a great deal in reducing weight. Drinking even one glass of water half an hour before a meal can reduce your hunger and make you eat less.

EASY, HUH? More than 80% people ignore this one even though this is a common suggestion you will get from everywhere. Just because it’s cheap and easy, you ignore it. Because you believe on those expensive methods more than H2O.

One particular study found that participants who drank water before meal lost up to 44% more weight in 12 weeks compared to people who did not.

You should replace soft drinks and BOOZE with water which will actually help you lose weight.


Chew slowly

While eating slow down. There’s no rush. Remember the earlier word? Don’t be a Freaking Hungry Monster!

When you eat, your stomach sends your brain a signal when full which takes a little time. If you are speed eating, your end up eating more because you didn’t give your brain time to catch up with your stomach.

A recent review of 23 observational studies show that people who eat fast are more prone to weight gain whereas slow eaters do not face that risk. So build the habit of eating more slowly to the point of counting how many times you are chewing each bite, if you are really concerned with weight loss problem. It will be worth it in the end.

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Swap sugar for honey

Well, sugar is sweet; but, so is HONEY!

Swapping your sugar for honey is the best idea to get rid of all that unwanted fat. Sugar is high on calories.

Not to mention, sugar especially fructose has the tendency to increase fat storage. Sugar also makes you hungry which means you will end up consuming more food than necessary throughout the day.

Yeah. You are right! Cutting back on sugar is a smart move. But even a smarter move is to replace it with honey. A cool option to satisfy your sugar craving as well as control your weight as nutritionists have found that honey can reduce weight.


Get enough sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep can prove to be fatal for your body mass!

It was found that people who got 8 ½ hours of sleep lost 56% more body fat than those who had only 5 ½  hours of night’s sleep even though they maintained the same diet.

Lack of sleep sabotages the release of hormones like leptin and ghrelin which control appetite. So if by any chance you do not get a proper night’s sleep it will likely mess up your appetite. You will feel hungrier throughout the day and might even be give in to the temptation of junk foods.

That doesn’t mean you can replace the word Proper sleep with Enough Sleep!! Average time for an adult aged 18-64 is 7 to 9 hours, recommended by not me. National Sleep Foundation has recommended it. Truly, I never knew that we even have a foundation like this when I was a kid.

If you can’t sleep at morning because you got stuffs to do or responsibilities to face, than you better hit the hay earlier.


Control your stress

Typing this article was really stressful, and we know what is stress! Stress management is the next big thing you need to focus on.

Even though stress to some extent is actually good for us. To be specific, which actually motivates us and helps us to get things done. But the stress crosses a certain limit; it becomes fatal for our body.

You might agree with us:

That there is a direct link between Mind and Body

You may not believe it, but stress level have impacts on your weight loss journey! Stress makes us crave food especially sugary foods which in turns cause weight gain obviously. Here’s few tips which you can try doing for stress management.


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Next time you feel stressed, take a deep breath and relax. Instead of taking a shower take a bath, reflect. Read a relaxing book. Talk to your friends, kids or say HI to your parents.


You can also opt for yoga and meditation as countless people swore that yoga and meditation are the ultimate weapon to fight against stress and depression.


Consume monounsaturated fatty acid enriched food

This is the time you need to know that processed foods contain high amount of saturated fats which is hard to burn and causes you to gain weight. But that does not mean you have to get rid of all kinds of fat from your food chart all together.

In fact, a certain kind of monounsaturated fat can actually do wonders for your waistline. A Dutch study found that Monounsaturated Fatty Acids ( MUFAs) which is found in olive oil, nuts, avocados, fish can reduce your belly fat.

Another advantage this fat has against saturated fats is unlike saturated fats PUFAs burns faster. So you don’t have to worry about this getting stored in your body.

Moreover, this fat contains 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories for protein or starch. So you will feel less hungry even though you only ate couple of nuts.

So the whenever you feel hungry, instead of grabbing a slice of pizza or other junk foods, get a couple of nuts or even an avocado. It will keep your belly occupied for hours to come. 


When exercising be smart

Exercising might not help that much to reduce fat but what it does is that it can help you maintain your weight. Suppose you have lost 10 pounds recently.

Now how to make sure you do not gain that weight back? That’s when you turn to a gym or you can get a pair of running shoes or you can get the best punching bag for cardio boxing.

Now there’s a trick if you want to lose a little more fat then average while exercising. Never stick to one kind of exercise. For example, if you walk daily, then start running suddenly.

If you run, go to swim for a change. Change your tactics. Use different muscles. Thus you can keep yourself entertained and also keep from gaining weight.

Word of caution;

After workout you might feel hungry. Now here is the tricky part. Do not delude yourself saying that after one hour of workout that you have earned a treat.

Don’t Do That!!

All you have to do to negate that one hour of exercise is eat one Apple or an orange. So if you feel hungry after an intense workout, drink lots of water and something healthy which contains low amount of calorie.

It’s surprising how many people think being active means workout. It’s not true. Play with you dog. Take your kids to a park throw some Frisbee. You don’t only work out that way, you also bag some beautiful memory and quality time.

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Make a food Chart

Finally! WOW, I would like to thank you to make it this FAR!

Most famous things among people for weight lose is food chart. You can make it by your own or you can google one.

But, our personal favorite is keeping a food diary. While making the food chart pile on colorful vegetables and protein but keep sugar and carbs to a bare minimum.

Write down everything that you eat daily so that you can keep track of how much food you are consuming and whether you need to add a bit more protein or cut down on some carbs.

For making this food chart we recommend you consult your doctor or nutritionist at least once because if you yourself are making the food chart it is highly likely that you might make mistakes and there should be no compromise when heath is concerned.

Please avoid any kinds of FOOD CHALLENGE!! Yes, they are fun, but hearing FATSO is no fun. Rather take challenges like- 30 day squat challenge or 1 week plank challenge. 

Here is a YouTube video by TheSeriousFitness, Hope you can get some new tips from this one.

Bonus Tips:

There is no cheat day. You are not cheating with anything, you have worked hard and you have earned a relaxing day. Well it’s a celebration day. Declare every 31st of the calendar month you are going to celebrate.

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This one may seems crazy;

Don’t eat or drink a thing for 8 hours for consecutive 3 days. After 8 hours period take a very controlled healthy dinner. Before you raise your brow, let me clear why you need to do that?

We get our energies from the sore of body glucose daily. When you stop eating or drinking anything for 8 hours, it runs out of that store gently and next we get our energies from our body fat. You have to do it for consecutive 3 days every month for the result.

You may wondering what about the exercise this 3 days? Skip it. You are burning your fat anyway. Most of the time this doesn’t work because people can’t control themselves after 8 hours. Don’t over eat.

Now the question arises won’t it cause any starvation problem?

The answer is no, as you are not going to exceed 8 hours or not going to try it more than 3 days.

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Here We End Our Small Weight Loss Guide!

But Wait:

we would like to say that the massage we tried to convey here that, if you think for a second that buying the best punching bag is going to help you lose weight, all you are doing is deluding yourself.

It’s just an workout instrument. Nothing Less, Nothing More.

That does not mean that you should stop your heavy bag workout. In fact, teens now a days care about weight loss more. Which is a good sign.

The best course of action for losing weight will be combining good food habit and exercising along with all the other things mentioned above. There are lots of tricky ways to stay active daily, which you can do regularly.

The food habit will make sure that you lose weight and cardio boxing habit will ensure that you stay that way. So what are you waiting for?

Start as soon as you can because losing weight is in no way a quick process. We are sorry as we are not a good option to find weight loss motivations. But believe in yourself with proper dedication, patience and of course food habit combined with routine you are bound to shed all that extra fat.

Good Luck.



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