Why Everlast HydroStrike Water Punching Bag Is Most Selected 1?

A Punchbag is one of the essential equipment during your training/exercise session!

Apart from traditional heavy punch bag, punching bag filling with water has become very popular now a day. Because from kid to a grown-up person can comfortably use it. 

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Everlast punching bag

Now, today we are going to talk about Hydrostrike water bag from Everlast. Now there is no reason for us to introduce Everlast to you, as it’s a very well known and experienced manufacturer when we are talking about combo equipment.

This USA made punching bag is best because you can change its weight by controlling its water volume.


Let’s have a look at the highlighted features of this Everlast water punch bag.

  • Punch & vital stability is very good
  • High strike absorption potential
  • Lightweight
  • Synthetic leather composition
  • Portable
  • Unfilled shipment
  • Easy to fill water
  • Weights 100lb (almost 45.4 kg) when filled with water
  • Highly durable


  • Not a top-notch for outdoor use

Additional stuff that comes along with it,

  • Sweeper nozzle
  • Hanging bracket
  • Chain (about 2 feet long)
  • Quick link

Once you get to know about the pro & cons of the Everlast water punching bag, you can decide it’s a good deal or not.

The sweeper nozzle comes with the bag makes the water refill task easy. Its spot-welded chain ensures more secure hang off the bag.

Its quality leather outer made is a good construct and durable. The bag gives the Omni-directional movement. Due to the water-filled core, it produces good surface density.

You already know that,

Lightweight bags are considered to be the best punching bag for beginners. As the bag carry liquid inside it, it is more comfortable for kids & seasonal user along with a regular person. You can adjust the weight by changing the water level. Which even lets your 6-year-old kid play, as you can seriously consider it for kids.

In short, your kid can get a long term punching bag!


Once you buy the bag, your child can use it in different the age. Basically, water volume measures the weight. In such a case, you can control the weight by filling the water. You will fill the bag up to what amount your kid can punch.

Once the kid grows, you can increase the weight by increasing the water volume. The same bag will work as punching bags for a teenager. You don’t need to buy another one when your kid grows. Ultimately you can use Everlast water punching bag repeated times.

Don’t you think buying a hydro punching bag is a GOOD Deal!

Now I’m not going to start a debate on Water punching bag vs Sand filler bags.

But, It’s portable. You just fill the water inside when you are using & empty it by discharging the water when don’t need it. You can leave fill as long you want, you can empty it and put it in a box when you need the space.

Why people these days considering this bag!

  • You feel real
  • Punching a water bag feels more like hitting a human body. Water constitutes 65% of the human body. So the water bag replicates the scenario effectively.
  • Due to water, the bag is more flexible. It absorbs the punch & produces a better reaction. You can punch as hard as you want or feel comfortable. It is capable of absorbing all degree thumps.
  • Swings less than a traditional punching bag.
  • Work out using the water bag improves your reflex, muscle tone & endurance.

How To Fill?

Filling up the Everlast Water Punching bag using nozzle & hose makes the work simple & painless. Everlast water punching bag is portableAttach the anchor first. Then hang it with the chain. Unscrew the plug & throw the nozzle inside.

Then join a hase with nozzle & fill water inside the bag. It is safe to use a piece of towel on the floor (below the bag) to take care of overflow. Once you fill it, tightly screw the plug.

For better understanding, you can check this video-

Before we say Goodbye!

A flawless punch bag helps to improve a person’s practice as well as tactics. The question, which one to choose between water punching bag vs. sand must be roaming around your head. Both the bag has a number of positive as well as negative sides. Like, the hydro punch bag is preferred by the professional user/ fighter. & traditional sandbag is suitable for you if you want to improve your skill. Sandbag has less chance to puncture.

The water punch bag works amazingly for the learners. It gives mushy feelings to your hand. One can properly learn punching techniques. Everything has a downside, but if you go through this water-filled heavy bag pros and cons you will see it has made justice on the brand.

Everlast water punching bag plays a role to balance the power / force & speed with accuracy. Try the new Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag & experience something new apart from the traditional punch bag.

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