UFC BAS Body Action System – Reviewed

MMA training requires a lot of practice! If you are specifically looking forward to the best free standing punching bag, you are in the right place. Maybe it’s one of the best punching bags, you are looking at!


To learn and to better your moves,

You would need a good sparring partner. But practicing with a partner isn’t always possible. So, you would need a good freestanding punching bag that will work as a great substitute.

Keeping this in mind, we are today discussing UFC BAS Body Action System.

The UFC BAS Body Action System – Reviewed 

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Is there any equipment out there that will check the boxes of:

  • affordability
  • proper angling
  • portability

And, can be the closest substitute of your sparring partner today & will boost your training and give you the upper hand at the game?

Yes, there is. And that device is the UFC BAS Body Action System – the freestanding punching bag worth your CONSIDERATION!

This training apparatus is the closest thing to a training partner which is designed uniquely to give you the best training on hooks and uppercuts – an aspect that is missing in most, if not all MMA training equipment.

Any boxing enthusiast needs a good partner:

  • To learn
  • Perform tricks
  • Enhance allover performance

All the beginners try to fill up the place of a partner with heavy bags. But are they really successful at providing the best support that the person needs?

The answer is – No!

The heavy bags are never a good substitute for a person. Because they are not anatomically correct, neither do they provide the support that is needed to perform each action properly.

For instance, you cannot practice uppercut using bags because it is a straight, simple bag that does not have the angle needed for it. It doesn’t allow for strike follow through.

Well, it’s simply challenging for:

  • Uppercuts
  • Hooks
  • Angles

You may have considered Electronic Punching Dummies. The con of this apparatus is you can not put it anywhere you please and practice.

Although it provides resistance and a fair target, it will not give a full range and angles for proper training. The pads are flat and face forward which causes a challenge in proper angling. It also gets a big thumbs-down on affordability.

UFC BAS Body Action System has the ability to be a substitute for a sparring partner. In other words, it is the best freestanding punching bag for MMA, Judo, Jiu- Jutsu and the list goes on!


The Man Behind This Out-of-the-ordinary Device!

The man behind UFC BAS Body Action System is Sebastian ‘Bas’ Rutten.

Yes, you are right! The former UFC champ, the man who has won King of Pancrase world championship 3 times and has an amazing career ending with a 22 unbeaten streak!

According to FightMetric, he had a significant strike accuracy of 70.6% which is the best anyone has ever seen. Not only has he been a tremendous fighter, now that he is an MMA coach and the author of several instructional materials – his dedication towards MMA fighting is shining through his work even more.

To enhance the abilities of the people who are working for this field right now, he has teamed up with UFC and has designed the ultimate training tool that will build and enhance your skills in every way possible and will give you the best outcome. If there is one freestanding punching bag worth buying out there, this is undoubtedly the one you should look out for and rely on.

Check out one of his free tutorials-

Anatomic Aspects Of UFC BAS Body Action System!

This body action system has focus pads and T-Bars for overall training. There is one head pad, one torso pad, focus pads, and T-Bars. This design is patented which means there will not be any other body action system the same as this.

The head pad is specifically built for strikes, uppercut, and hooks and is built perfectly just to provide you the maximum compatibility. With the torso pad, you will be able to practice proper form while practicing punches, elbows, and knees. When it comes to focusing pads and T-Bars, they are used for side-to-side striking, kicks and has a greater mass for core training.

The focus pads are customizable for any angle, width or height adjustments. This feature helps you customize the previously stated things from 4’0’’ to 6.5’’. This unique characteristic makes UFC BAS Body Action System better than any other body action system you will come across in the market.

For better understanding, check out this video!

What techniques can be mastered using this device?

In MMA fighting, reflex and speed go a long way. This device makes sure you train well here. The UFC BAS Body Action System will give you lightning-fast reflexes and will build up your speed that your opponents will find hard to tackle.

This padded tool will build up your strength and charge you up and boost your overall bodily power. It helps to build up your stability which is a necessity in MMA fighting. It also focuses to enhance your core strength which will help you stand your ground and take the hits as you plot your next action.

It helps your mind-muscle automation which will give your reflexes more boost. You will be able to take action quickly as you think of more ways to take down your opponent. This will also greatly help your cardiovascular endurance. It will grant you 30 times better muscular activation.

It will be your ideal partner to be leaner, more powerful while achieving faster motion. So, in many ways, it will give your workout routine a boost and unlike other training materials that only focus on one or two particular things, it will enhance your overall ability to perform your best.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s a overpriced device, which failed to deliver satisfaction? Or is it a big success?

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