An Honest Outslayer Heavy Bag Review Which Is Worth Buying For Sure!!!

Guess what do you require when you plan to practice punching?

What! A Heavy Bag!! Yes, you got it right.

But, it’s not that easy to pick the one which suits you. Well, there are plenty of manufacturers like everlast, century, and you can’t say their product is not good.


Because they are not worthless just because simply we don’t like it. But how to figure out that best punching bag which suits you!

Before we burst into this review of Outslayer heavy bag, we assume that you may have already read our article on the best punching bags that are being undervalued for decades. Now, continuing from there let’s try to learn something about a cool punching bag, Outslayer MMA 100 lbs punching bag.

Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviewed!!

There’s no doubt that today’s market is a plain crazy place. So, when you want to buy a heavy bag within a reasonable price, you are bound to easily get confused and frustrated with all the brands and product reviews strewing the market.

Not to mention, when you finally buy your desired heavy bag, it is not unusual to get disappointed with the bag quality even though you spent hours after hours researching the product. No worries though. We are here to guide you towards the perfect heavy bag for you.

If you are looking for a quality heavy punching bag for Martial Arts, fitness, MMA training or whatever within a reasonable price, Outslayer Boxing MMA 100 Ibs Heavy Bag Filled is a pretty good option to consider. Now let’s get down to business and discuss all the distinctive features of this product that made us recommend this to you.

If you are a beginner than remember this 100 lbs bag has been manufactured for heavy hitters. So, there are chances to wrench your shoulder muscle or get your wrist hurt if you are not careful with it. The height of this Outslayer heavy bag is around 5 feet along with the straps. You can add extra weight up to 300lbs, which is more than just cool.

Features Of Outslayer Boxing MMA 100-lbs Heavy Bag

Now the best thing is, if you want a D-ring attached on the bottom of this Outslayer heavy bag just throw them a mail after purchase, they will add it for free. You can also request for a different color if you want. Alright, now some people get annoyed by the chain sound while playing with their heavy bag. Good News!!! This Outslayer Heavy Bag doesn’t have any chain on it. It has a heavy-duty strap sewn on it.

Weight  Of Outslayer Heavy Bag

Made in the USA, this classic hanging heavy bag is of 100Ibs when shipped. But if you want the extra weight, you can always add weight to this Outslayer heavy bag as it can hold approximately 300Ibs. Moreover, unlike other self-filled 100Ibs heavy bags, this bag is already filled when shipped. So you can avoid the hassle of filling it by yourself when it is shipped.

Check The Height

The height of this bag is approximately 55 inches body length and the straps are 10 inches with a diameter of approximately 14 inches which adds an additional 10 inches to the bags. So, not only you don’t need any chains to hang it, but you can also adjust the length according to your height by varying the length of the straps.

Materials Of 100-lbs Boxing MMA Outslayer Heavy Bag

Outslayer heavy bag is a high-quality leather heavy bag which assures not to come apart even if you abuse it for years to come. Now, the abuse doesn’t cover if you poke it with a pen or anything. It comes filled with fabric fillers.

Another exciting fact is that this bag is shipped in a heavy-duty vinyl cover which not only prevents any scratch from the bag during shipping, you can totally use it later for transporting the bag anywhere you want or store the bag to keep it brand new.

The construction of this bag is top-notch. The straps are stitched to perfection to the punching bag and won’t be coming apart any time soon. If you want a D-ring at the bottom to prevent it from swinging wildly, they will stitch that for you.

As the filling is unlike another traditional sand filling, its shredded fabric filling is equally distributed and you won’t find any lumps or hardening even after extensive use. So punch this Outslayer heavy bag as hard as you want, the filling will stay in place while making the bag solid and consistent all the way to the top.

10-year warranty!!

As the price is higher than another budget 100Ibs heavy bags, you might face some dilemma about whether to buy this bag or not. But think about it, they are giving you a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers all the damage except for the damage caused by the elements or any kind of sharp object. Can you recall any manufacturer giving a 10-year money-back guarantee? We don’t think so. So this is a sure plus point for this product.


  • 10-year money-back guarantee
  • Top-notch material and construction which ensures product durability
  • Well distributed weight
  • Adjustable height
  • Perfect for Martial Arts, boxing, Fitness, and MMA training
  • Customized colors and D-ring
  • pre-filled with shredded fabric
  • Reusable vinyl cover


  • A tough bag for a beginner; if you are not careful, you can end up hurting yourself.
  • the price is higher than another budget-friendly 100Ibs heavy bags
  • while swinging the two rings rubs together and makes a weird sound. You can easily avoid this by covering up the top part of the rings


Things To Consider Before Buying This Bag

If you are a heavy puncher or a professional MMA fighter looking for a 100Ibs bag, then go for it. You are bound to become a fan of this bag in no time. But here’s the thing. This bag is quite hard and solid. So if you are a novice or are not an experienced fighter, we would recommend buying this Outslayer heavy bag.

Final Words

To conclude, we would like to say that, Outslayer Boxing MMA 100Ibs Heavy Bag filled is undoubtedly a front runner when it comes to 100Ibs heavy bags for martial arts, cardio or MMA or whatever you want. Its durability, top-notch materials and construction, 10-year warrantee and other distinctive characteristics make it easy to understand why this Outslayer heavy bag has maximum customer satisfaction however we are not sure about the online given ratings as they offer free hand wraps for 5 stars. Not sure about you but we found that pretty annoying and unimportant to do with such a good product. Maybe Outslayer will understand the problem in the long run.

Good luck with your hunt for the perfect match heavy bag.

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