How To Hang A Punching Bag : Punching Bag Hanging Made Easy !!

Punching bag hanging might seem quite easy. Just follow the some instructions and hang the bag, right? But that’s where you are wrong, my friend, because hanging the punching bag can be a bit tricky. It’s not enough to follow some instructions and just be done with it. You must have adequate knowledge about the process as well as proper planning if you are to execute the task properly. If done incorrectly, it can not only destroy your ceiling or wall but also can cause serious injury.

So, here we are to provide you with all the necessary information you are going to need to hang your best brand new punching bag. We will walk you through each and every step so that by the time we are done, you will have no confusion about how to hang your punching bag properly.

Different Ways Of Punching Bag Hanging

Hang The Bag From A Beam

Step – 1

At first, decide where you want to hang the bag. Do you want to hang it from the ceiling beam or do you want your punching bag hanging in your garage or basement? Or do you think the backyard is the only option for you to hang the bag?

Wherever you install it. Make sure there’s enough space all around your bag (360 degrees). This will ensure that you can move freely during your workout session. If the space is cramped, it will put a constraint on your movement and thus hamper your workout session. Not to mention, you might accidentally knock things out during the session. So it’s better if you can place the bag in the middle of the room.

Our advice for optimal workout experience is to hang the bag from the ceiling beam because no other method can give you such freedom to move as this method does. More importantly, do not and I repeat do not hang your heavy bag in your backyard. The elements will damage your bag in no time.

Step – 2

Now, you have to find a sturdy support beam to hang the bag from.

Remember that the support from where you are going to hang your punching bag has to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the punching bag as well as withstand the impact of your punches once you start hitting the bag.

You can easily locate it by following some easy methods. Among them the best way to locate a strong beam by using the stud finder.

If you don’t have a stud finder, you can use the knock method. Just knock on the beams. The beams which make a hollow sound when you knock are not strong support beam. But the beams which are actually sturdy, you will notice they make a different sound (not hollow, the sound is kind of deep).

Another way is that you can just take a tape and select a beam that is 16 inches or 24 inches farther from a sidewall. See if it’s possible to locate a stud that’s in the middle of the room.

Step – 3

Now that you have found the perfect support beam, drill a hole in the beam with a drill machine.  We suggest you drill a hole that’s slightly smaller than the eyebolt screw. It will ensure the screw fits tightly within the hole.

Step – 4

Take an eyebolt and insert it in the hole. Now start twisting it with your hand.  After that, tighten the bolt by using a wrench.

Step – 5

Fasten the chains to the four corners of the bag. Gather the chains in one hand and attach those to the swivel hook. Then secure the swivel hook to the S-hook and attach the S-hook to the eyebolt in the beam. Adjust the height of the bag according to your height. Now there you have your bag ready for some intense workout.

Don’t just assume that the bag is hung securely. Throw some test punches to see if everything is secure. If not, hang it again by following the same method.

Not clear on how to start yet? Check out the video below!

Hanging  Punching Bag From Ceiling Mount

Step – 1

Buy a ceiling mount for your bag. You can find many ceiling mounts in the market both cheap and expensive. We recommend going for a little expensive one as that will be more secure and long-lasting than the cheap ones for punching bag hanging.

Step – 2

Find several strong support beams (approximately 3 or 4 beams) You can find those by using the stud finder or by using the knock method. Or you can just take a tape and find out beams that are 16 or 24 inches far from the wall. Feel free to use any two methods to double-check that the beams you have found are actually sturdy. It’s even better if you can find a place in the ceiling where the support beam meets the cross beam.

Step – 3

Now you have to drill holes in the middle of the support beams. To make sure the drilled holes are in a straight line, use a pencil or marker to mark the places you are going to drill the holes in. Using a drilling machine drill the holes in the marked places.

Step – 4

Take a few 3-inch wood screws. It is to be noted here that the drilled holes should be such that they are slightly smaller than the thread of the screw to ensure the tight-fitting of the screws.

For the base of the mount, you need a hardwood board. Most people suggest using a 2×4 board for this purpose. Attach the hardwood board to the ceiling using the drilled holes and the screws. You need to attach the board to the ceiling at each support beams.

Step – 5

After that, attach the mount to the board and the legs of the mount in the center of the middle support beam. No need to buy any additional tools to attach the mount to the board. When you buy the amount you will get all the necessary tools you need along with the mount. Only a screwdriver or drill will suffice for punching the bag hanging mission.

Step – 6

Now just like before attaching the chains on the bag and secure the chains together with a swivel hook. After that, attach the swivel hook to the S-hook and finally the S-hook to the eyebolt in the mount. If you want to reduce vibration as well as pressure on the anchor, you might want to try using a spring hook.

Don’t Want Them!! Then Try A Wall Mount/ Wall Bracket

Step – 1

The first thing you have to consider before using a wall mount bracket is that your walls are not dry walls or plywood walls. But if you have brick walls or stone walls, you are okay to go.

Step – 2

Install the bracket into a place that is close to the meeting spot of the wall and the ceiling. Drill holes in the wall and secure the bracket tightly by using the bolts you will find with the wall bracket.

Step – 3

Fasten the chains on top of the bag and the chains to a swivel hook. Now just like before the swivel hook has to be attached to the S – hook and ultimately the S- hook has to be attached to the eyebolt you will find in the arm of the bracket.

Other Methods

There are some other methods you can use to hang your bag. For example, you can use a heavy bag stand for hanging the bag or altogether buy a free-standing punching bag like the Century aerobic wavemaster. There’s one problem though, these methods won’t give you the freedom to move around nor will you have a great workout session something you will get if you hang the bag from the ceiling.


To conclude, we would say that, though some of you might think why to go through all that trouble to set-up the bag when you can just go use the local gym, you cannot deny the convenience of having a punching bag of your own at home. All the necessary equipment usually comes with a bag. Just follow any of the simple methods we have described above and you are all set. I hope you have found the article on punching bag hanging helpfully. Good luck.

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