Best Desktop Punching Bag: Stress Buster

Stressed at working place? Don’t worry. Such an issue can be solved by buying one simple Desktop Punching Ball. It efficiently works as a stress reliever. Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball is a wonderful punch bag for your regular use in home & office.

This desktop punching bag can be placed on any surface and convenient to use for being small in size in comparison to hanging or standing punch bags.


• Binds well to any plain.
• The constituent material is good enough to absorb strong thump.
• Flexible spring ensures the ball’s movement for a long period of hitting.
• Prodigious bouncing of the ball.
• The air pump is provided with the ball

This Desktop punch ball is not used for exercise purposes normally. It is hit to kick out one’s stress. You feel like a punching bag to release your workload at the office. But you cannot carry the punching bag at work, right? This desktop punching ball is the alternate solution to a punching bag during working hours. Place it to your table & punch when you feel like kick out your stress. And please Don’t kick the ball!!

The ball is made with high-quality fabric i.e. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). PVC ensures the fire-resistant property of the punch ball. It potentially absorbs negative energy. Thus energizes you & ensures productivity. It is a lightweight product compared to the punch bag i.e. around 2 pounds (shipping weight). The height measures 13.5 inches (approx).

The ball comes empty. You need to pump it with air during using the ball. You will receive the air pump with the punch ball. Eventually, it saves your money to buy an air pump separately. You can pump the bag with an air pump several times.

Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball is convenient to use by people of all ages. Being small in size Kid/teenager along with the mature person can use it.
The spring is enduring & bounces pretty well. It ensures continuous movement of the desktop punching bag.


  • Larger people may find it small in comparison to their size which makes its use uncomfortable for them.
  • You should check the rubber ring for several days. Excessive force should not be applied to the ball as the force can cause damage to the desktop punchball.
  • Some people may find it a bit loud.

The desktop ball is quite sturdy & durable. There is a minimum chance you get hurt when punch. You can intently focus on your work once you release your tension over the ball. The air pump makes it useful for some years more!! Good quality spring corroborate s fast movement.

Every coin has two opposite sides.

The same way, Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball has a few snags that too are varied from person to person. In comparison with the benefits of the bag, its cons are absolutely negligible. So, it has become a popular punching bag for people of different ages.
The base part acts like a suction cup. That means it holds the surface (where you place it) like a suction cup and there is no chance the ball releases from the surface. You can use it with a bare hand. There is no need to use hand gloves for the ball. So, you don’t have an additional expense to buy the gloves. Save your money this way!

Once you feel the base is deformed, clean the surface and the buster pad with rubbing alcohol. For deformation of the rubber, run a heat gun or hairdryer lowering the temperature over it.
Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball is a way to be a dear fellow among the workmates. Interesting! Your colleague has heard a lot from the boss. He is just bursting out with anger & needs to relax. He will definitely come to your desk & punch the ball several times to release the workload & anger. So don’t waste your time & pick one desk punch ball to succor your friend.


Stress release is important

Stress is deleterious to health. It causes mental as well as physical health to retard. Stress management is such a technique /psychotherapies that deal with controlling a person’s stress. Stress results in depression & frustration as well.

stress release workplace punchingbag

Stress management is an important issue, especially for the workplace. Tension/stress affects your job environment & performance in the office too. Honestly, it’s impractical to remain calm & tension free throughout your working hour for every day as you need to deal with a huge burden of work. But to perform your best, stress management plays a vital role to control your stress by providing different stress releasing techniques. In fact, stress at the workplace results in chaos & complication in personal & family life as well.

The action-oriented approach is an important stress management technique. It proposes to relieve the stress by involving into a different action. Take a break & punch your desktop punch ball to divert your mind. Stress management helps to ensure a sound environment in the workplace.
It is wise to pump the punch ball once a month for receiving better service.

If you plan to buy the punch ball for exercise purposes, then you would not be completely satisfied. As it doesn’t serve work out purposes, take it as a fun gear to reduce your workload.
There are teens that get physically aggressive when angry. It is really disgraceful. To calm your violent child, provide him/her with a punch ball. Buy the ball to your fuming child, you will find him hitting the ball to calm himself down.

The desktop punching bag is essential to work in a peaceful mind. It will help you to reflect on your potentiality as you work stress-free throughout the day. In fact, you return home with a relaxed mind & enjoy quality time with family. Punch ball takes a small place on your work desk & provides you immense pleasure. Pick your Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball in your favorite color & enjoy your work.

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