Can Boxing work for Weight Loss?

boxing for weight loss

Boxing is a combat sports activity that involves fighting with fists, normally involving the use of paddled gloves for protection in a square ring roped on all sides, depending on the rules of the game. Boxing sports have a rich history dating back to 1650 BC, where the earliest boxing activities were penned in historical records.

It is even believed that it existed long before that time as an activity to pass time and exercise to enhance body fitness. Today many people enjoy boxing exercise. In the modern-day boxing sports, it takes a duration of three to twelve rounds, each lasting for three minutes.

This sport continues to gain tremendous popularity with time. Many myths and facts are revolving around the effects of boxing on the body of those involved. If you have been looking for facts on the impact of boxing sport, then this article is tailored for you.

The topics in this article:

  • Benefits of boxing for women
  • Benefits of boxing for men
  • How many calories do you burn in 30 minutes of boxing?
  • Boxing workout for weight loss – videos
  • Can one lose belly fat by boxing?
  • Does boxing help lose arm fat?
  • Does boxing help tone down back fat?
  • Which nutrition is recommended for a boxer to lose weight?

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What are the benefits of boxing for women?

These are some amazing benefits for women:

  • It helps to relieve stress. Similar to men, boxing in females have to ease stress just like any other activity or exercise that we do. It helps to take away your mind from life issues that may be haunting you from time to time.
  • It makes your body physically fit while equally normalizing weight loss.
  • Your body metabolizes deposits of fats and burns excess calories in the body.
  • It helps to build up your muscles by exercising them.
  • It improves your power and strength. Your body becomes used to heavy tasks, and this trains your body and builds strength.
  • Stress relief.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Proper eye/hand coordination, agility, and speed

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What are the benefits of boxing for men?

There are a lot of great benefits for men, including:

  • Increased muscle buildup and full-body work out. Boxing is an intensive activity. It helps to build your muscles.
  • Burning stored fats and excess calories in the body. This helps you to lose fats and calories that accumulate in excess amounts in some parts of your body, such as the arms, belly, and the backside.
  • Increased muscular tolerance and strength. Your muscles become used to versatile activities and, in turn, become stronger.
  • Improved power and strength.
  • Stress relief.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Proper eye/hand coordination, agility, and speed

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How many calories do you burn in 30 minutes of boxing?

A normal boxer athlete burns 800 calories in one hour of continuous boxing. This amounts to 400 calories burnt in thirty minutes. According to research, it has been discovered that this happens to result from two activities. One is the immense amount of energy required by the body and resulting in intensive metabolism initiated by body cells in those tissues during the exercise.

The fear of combat itself, according to a scientific survey, surprisingly shows that it was burning of calories in your body system. This also requires energy because of hormonal changes that take place in your body during boxing, a process which in itself is energy-requiring. These calories loss, however, have been found to naturally vary from one individual to the other.

Factors such as weight of an individual, age, overall fitness, and sex have been discovered to cause the variation in the number of calories our body systems burn during such activities such as boxing. The more calorie loss, the more fit your body becomes. That is why you need to consider practicing boxing for a healthy and fit body.

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Boxing work-out for weight loss – with videos

Video 1: 30-minute fitness boxing work-out

In the first video, the instructor will show you a good 30-minute fitness boxing work-out that you can easily do at home. This work-out is more of a fitness work-out and is very suitable for beginners. It doesn’t require any boxing gear or a punching bag. You can start right away!

Video 2: Badass boxing workout to burn 600+ calories

For the second work-out video, you will need boxing gloves and a punching bag. This work-out is suitable for everyone, including beginners. It is quite intensive and is supposed to make you burn 600+ calories!

Video 3: Motivational weight loss story through boxing

If you are still not convinced that boxing can make you lose (a lot) of weight, here is a short but very motivating video for you. In this video Michael (25 y/o) tells about his epic weight loss transformation. He lost a total of 10 stones (140 pounds) through boxing. 

Keep in mind that this cost him years of intensive training. But it shows you that boxing can actually make you lose weight. In combination with the nutrition tips we give at the bottom of this article and strong will, you should come a long way! 


Can one lose belly fat by boxing?

Yes. Boxing is an intensive and versatile activity. Your body, under conditions of heavy exercise, breaks down glucose to generate energy. With increasing energy requirements in your body cells and tissues, it will respond to offset this imbalance by breaking down non-carbohydrate food sources in your body.

These involve the breakdown of the fat in parts of your body, such as the belly, where fat is stored in the layers of your skin and the liver. Your body resorts to these fat reserves and, in turn, break them down, a metabolic activity, to release energy, which is in high demand during activities such as boxing.

In the same way, your body biochemical activities burn calories present in parts of your body, such as the belly, to generate huge amounts of energy. Make sure to keep up the consistent pace throughout your boxing exercise.


Does boxing help lose arm fat?

Plenty of people are desperately seeking ways to lose extra arm fat. Boxing has a tremendous effect on toning your arm fat and slimming down your arms.

You must know you need to try to achieve overall weight loss in as much as you focus on toning down fats from specific parts of your body. This is because the cells in our bodies have a uniform growth rate depending on the food we take. So, overall, weight loss is key to ensuring that your body parts remain physically fit and exercising. Nonetheless, boxing involves much use of your arms as you try your best to combat your opponent.

As earlier on stated, metabolic reactions take place in your arms muscles and generally in all the cells in your arms. Your arms cells will thus require huge amounts of energy to work. Where glucose reserves have been exhausted, your metabolism switches successively to fat deposits in your arms and start harnessing them to generate energy for you to use during the versatile boxing.

Gradually, the fat content in your arms is degraded and thus helps you to tone down the fatty reserves in your arms.


Does boxing help tone down back fat?

Yes. Why? Because metabolism takes place in any part of your body provided that is provoked by some energy-requiring activity. There are skeletal muscles in your backside that help you gain support and stand at the right posture for you to be able to defend yourself against your opponent during the boxing activity.

Needless to say, because these tissues at the back of your body experience pressure, they need a supply of energy to work effectively.

The cells at these regions turn to fats reserves accumulated at the back of your body and start metabolizing them to release energy. Continuous boxing thus helps you to rid these fats.

You have to train yourself to cope with regular and consistent exercise by boxing to be able to keep on losing these fats accumulation and build up at the back of your body. You consequently lose weight since fat deposition often results in increased weight loss in individuals.


Which nutrition is recommended for a boxer to lose weight?

This is an interesting topic for boxers since the type of food that we eat has great influence in the body cells and tissues and significant weight gain and weight loss.

Tip 1 – Balance

Eat a balanced diet. This is vital to sustaining normal good health for every boxer. Your body needs uniform growth to avoid buildup excess fats in your body. Of course, every one of us has fat deposits in our bodies. They are found everywhere on the skin layers.

In a nutshell, fruits nourish your body system and largely helps you to avoid intoxication that may have built up. Ideally, a boxer’s diet should be balanced with protein content, fats, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Tip 2 – Avoid cholesterol-rich foods and junk food

Note that the fat content and deposition in our body tissues, as well as calories accumulation, is dependent on the food we take. So check on the diet that you consume to ensure normal body cell growth in your body. This will help you to void depositions on excess fats and calories in your body. You need to avoid cholesterol-rich foods. The same applies to junk food.

Tip 3 – Avoid commercial sweets, trans- and saturated fats

Avoid commercial sweets, trans-fats, and saturated ones. Medics and nutritionists will advise you to take a lot of fruits for your diet. That is true since fruits are fresh with rich vitamin contents to balance the deposition of fats in your body. They are essential for a healthy balanced diet.

Tip 4 – Eat properly, don’t starve yourself

Remember, at the same time that your body needs large amounts of energy, so eat properly. Your body will be combating fatigue and sluggishness. It is also critical to keep your body normally hydrated. So take a lot of water. Water is necessary for normal health. It freshens up your tissues acting as a nourishing element in your body. This allows for uniform body development and fitness and prevents, to some degree, the level of a buildup of fats and cholesterol accumulation in your tissues.

Tip 5 – Proteins, proteins, proteins

To be physically fit, your body largely needs proteins. Proteins build up your body, muscles, and are vital in tissue development. So, proteins such as fishes, peanuts, beans, milk, and an endless list of proteins without cholesterol play a significant role in normalizing the weight of the boxer. Check on the protein content in the food you take.



Boxing is an awesome activity. It is a natural way to manage stress, grow stronger, tone down excess fat builds up in your body. It also helps to get rid of calories that build up in your body. Boxing is healthy.

It is important, however, to note that your boxing activity should be consistent as there have been cases where abnormal muscular growth occurs due to an irregular pattern of boxing.

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