Is it possible to learn boxing at home?

boxing at home

Boxing is a truly fantastic sport, and it is not just for those giant beasts of men you see on TV. It is a sport that anyone can participate in, including without discriminating gender. 

Also, it is not all about stepping in the ring in the form of competitive boxing, as most people might think. As we all know, not everybody wants to fight other individuals for fun as few punches to your head can definitely injure your brain. Fortunately, it is possible to box for fun, and you can absolutely engage in all of the boxing training at the comfort of your home.

There are numerous benefits of boxing, and they all go a long way in keeping your body and mind in a healthy condition. Below we will guide you by answering some of the most Frequently asked questions about Learning boxing at home.

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Can I Learn Boxing at Home?

The answer is YES…BUT. You do not need to join a boxing class or hire an instructor who keeps on yelling in your face. It is possible to learn boxing in the comfort and privacy of your home, at your own pace, whenever you like.

BUT let us be clear on one thing, you aren’t going to become a professional boxer by punching the bag in your home for twenty minutes every day. You have to train like a fighter to become a fighter.

However, you may become a knowledgeable boxer and be able to challenge the most inexperienced guys of your size. Also, note that learning boxing at home is not an easy endeavor. Just because you are learning in a comfortable and convenient setting, you will still have to work hard if you want to improve.


How Can I Train Boxing at Home Without Equipment?

Boxing is not all about training hard. It is about coordination, core strength, shoulder strength, and arm strength. Below are some workout techniques you can do to learn boxing at home if you don’t have any equipment. Let’s get started.

  1. Push-ups

Boxers need strong arms and shoulders to be able to maintain their hands up throughout a fight. Focus on developing your push-up technique to build this strength. You can then aim to do more reps if push-ups are easy enough. If doing push-ups is challenging, you can attempt modified push-ups where you let your knees touch the ground.

  1. Sit-ups

For an excellent boxing form, core strength is essential. Doing a series of modified sit-ups is among the best ways to build core strength. Start with a steady sit-up, then throw four alternating punches at the top.

For the next sit-up rep, twist to the right, punching out with your left arm. Return to the resting position and then go the other way, twisting to the left and punching with your right arm. Focus on controlled and slow sit-ups for the final rep, which will become harder as you get exhausted.

Repeat for three rounds of eight reps. This will assist in improving coordination while also strengthening your core muscles.

  1. Shadow Boxing

And finally, we get to the real boxing workout without equipment. Once you are winding out your exercises, you will probably be out of breath and ready to pick the towel. This is when you’re required to bring your determination and focus to the front. This routine involves punching the air in front of you while maintaining a stance and proper form. Try this workout for the final five minutes of your training.

Video: 30-minute fitness boxing work-out (perfect for beginners)

In this video, the instructor will show you a good 30-minute fitness boxing work-out that you can easily do at home. This work-out is more of a fitness work-out and is very suitable for beginners. It doesn’t require any boxing gear or a punching bag. You can start right away!


How to Learn Boxing at Home with A Punching Bag?

You are required to understand some essential principles and concepts in order to use a punching bag correctly. However, always consult with your physician first before starting any type of punching bag workout program. Below is are some vital punching bag tips that’ll help accelerate your learning and minimize any chances of injury.

  1. Protect Your Hands

Punching bags can be very hard on your knuckles and hands. It is advisable to invest in an excellent pair of bag gloves. However, keep in mind that while punching gloves are significant for protecting your arms when training, sometimes you can try using the punching bag without the gloves. This gives you a good idea of how it feels like to punch when street fighting.

  1. Take Your Time

I strongly urge you to take your time and develop the right body mechanics of punching before using the bag if it is your first time working with a punching bag. This is because when using the punching bag, it is very easy to get injured. Boxing workouts are very demanding and tough. Avoid pacing yourself during your exercise to prevent premature exhaustion. Remember, it is not a race!

  1. Stay Balanced

When punching the bag, remember to maintain your balance and never sacrifice your stability for power. Basically, balance is a matter of maintaining an equal distribution of body weight that allows you to remain steady and upright.

  1. Keep Your Wrists Straight

Punching bags are cruel on your body and will surely test the physical integrity of your blows and punches. When your fists hit the bag, kindly remember to keep your wrists straight. Learn to build up the force of your punches steadily. A novice wrist is generally too weak to handle full force blows on the punching bag.

  1. Hit the Punching Bag Hard

The punching bag isn’t actually designed for punching speed. It’s all about developing a knock-out punch or what is commonly referred to as power punching. When hitting the punching bag, remember always to follow through and aim nearly 3 inches past your target.

Video: Badass boxing workout (to burn 600+ calories)

For the second work-out video, you will need boxing gloves and a punching bag. This work-out is suitable for everyone, including beginners. It is quite intensive and is supposed to make you burn 600+ calories!


Boxing Training at Home Workouts

Not only do boxing workouts offer an excellent way to get out a little extra anger, but it might also just be the most powerful exercise you can do for your body. Below are the top three boxing workouts you can take directly from the gym to your living room.

  1. Jump Rope

Jump rope is an excellent boxing workout, but believe it or not, it is not a must to have a rope to do it. You can take your time jumping in one place while moving your hands in a small circular motion like you’re actually holding a jump rope. It is a great way to keep your heart pumping between reps of other exercises or at the beginning of a workout.

  1. Squat Jumps

If you have never done this workout before, prepare yourself. Squat jumps strengthen your legs and buttocks. Spread your feet, bend into a squat, and send your butt back while spreading your arms forward. Then swinging back to help you propel, jump up the way you would during a burpee. Do 3 reps of ten squats, and feel the burn.

  1. Switch It Up with A Complex Circuit

Rotate between the above exercises for three minutes: high knees (bringing your knees up high and running in place, holding your hands in a parallel manner), mountain climbers and burpees.


Best Home Boxing Gear

If you’re seriously interested in training boxing in your home, you require some simple gear. Listed below are the four recommended things which you cannot build a successful home boxing gym without.

  1. Boxing Gloves

Of course, it is not only clothes you will need for a leading home punching bag workout. To get a genuine boxing encounter, you need the service of wraps and boxing gloves to get started. Begin with anteing up to your pair of gloves.

Read our article: Best boxing gloves for training under $ 50

  1. Jump rope

You likely have seen many occasions how the expert boxers do jump rope workouts. That is because these exercises really can enhance the footwork, the rate, and the time of a fighter. They’re also perfect for the cardio along with the conditioning.

The advantages of your rope jumping certainly are quite significant. Thus, it’s worth it to invest around $10 to get a good-sized and lasting rope. (Check this one, it’s cheap but very good!)

  1. Lightweights

Shadowboxing is among the very best boxing exercises. It makes it possible to improve your speed, movement, and technique. However, shadowboxing with weights is much better since it provides strength and resistance to your back muscles and shoulders.

Following a shadowboxing work out with weights, then you’ll feel that your arms are lighter and quicker. For me personally, the shadowboxing with weights helped me to enhance my own defense. The resistance given by the weights instructed me to keep up my guard.

I strongly suggest including this exercise in your fitness routine. (Check out this cool dumbbell set for a very affordable price!)

  1. Mat for Ground Work

Boxing workouts don’t just involve punching and kicking exercises. They also include full-body conditioning programmings such as mountain climbers, burpees, ab work, and more. It is crucial to get a high-quality mat available that will help you get through those ground-based exercises without hurting your knees or hands.

I’ve got the one below and this one is very convenient. You can make the sport mat as big or as small as you need. Check the price here.

5. Punching bag

A punching bag is not mandatory when you start boxing at home, but it definitely does make it more fun! If you are interested in buying a punching bag, read our review on “best punching bags for home use“.



As you have seen above, it is not a requirement to join a gym to learn boxing. It is undoubtedly possible to learn boxing at home, and it is made even more comfortable with all the training mediums and resources available. Learning boxing at home is an excellent solution for individuals who have busy lives and tight schedules.

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