Healthy & Scientifically Proven Ways For Weight Loss

Generally when it comes to weight loss we delude ourselves into thinking that we will get overnight results. So before we get down to business let’s get rid of that unrealistic expectation because there is no shortcut to losing weight (at least not healthy ones).

Losing weight is a gradual process; one that will take weeks and weeks before you will notice any changes. If you aim to lose weight way too fast the most likely scenario will be you will lose your muscle mass, bones and water instead of fat. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the best way to lose weight is to build a healthy habit you can keep following over time while aiming for losing 1-2 pounds per week.

Before this one you may would want to know life hacks to keep weight under control.

Weight Loss Everywhere!!

We know you are pretty confused about which method to follow to lose weight what with the free flowing information in the internet regarding this issue as well as those advertisements of different pills that promises to make you slim magically overnight. So we conducted a detailed research and also consulted specialists to ensure that we can give you a genuine, resourceful guideline about healthy weight loss.

Here are the most effective, scientifically proven methods presented in visual which you need to follow to lose weight without deteriorating your overall health. Enjoy-

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Though the image is enough is self-explaining and contains helpful information. However let’s take an elaborate look on those and few more tips for weight loss.

Make a Chart 

Your first step towards losing weight should be making a food chart to keep track of your food intake. Note down everything you eat and drink daily. This will help you to know about the amount of protein, carb, fat and water you are consuming. Thus you will know whether you are taking the right amount of nutrition and if you need to cut back on the portion you are taking daily.

Make sure your food chart contains a healthy diet. If you are confused about the healthy diet, please consult a doctor.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to have a food chart. You can keep a food diary or use different apps available on the app store instead of the food chart.


Reduce Sugar and Starch (Carbs) Intake

Carbs stimulate secretion of insulin which is known to be the main hormone of the body that stores fat. So when you cut back on carbs insulin gets down. As a result the fat gets out of the fat stores and the body burns that fat instead of carbs (low carb flu).

In addition to that, if you reduce carb intake it will also kill your appetite. So you will eat less calories automatically and lose weight. In fact, it’s not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds in the first week if this method is strictly followed.

Moreover, lowering insulin causes kidney to shed excess sodium and water which results in reduction in bloat and excess water weight. Taking less food with sugar means you are reducing calories and starches as well.


Increase Protein Intake

When it comes to losing weight just taking high protein without even changing other habits can help you a lot to shed the unwanted pounds.

Not only does protein stimulates your metabolism but also reduces your desire for food intake up to 60%. According to research, having a high protein diet can make you feel full throughout the day and you are likely to consume 441 fewer calories.

So eat a high protein breakfast and you are sure to have a full belly up to lunch period.


Drink Water For Weight Loss!!

Water not only boosts the metabolism but also makes you feel less hungry. In fact, it’s proven that downing two glasses of water half an hour before meal can make someone feel fuller and reduce his food intake.


Do Not Skip Any Meals

There is a myth about food that if you skip meals you can lose weight faster. This might be true to some extent but this habit is going to do more damage than good in the long run. Let’s see how. First of all, this erratic eating habit will mess with your metabolism system. Additionally, when you skip a meal you are bound to develop an increased hunger. So in the next meal you will eat more than usual. So there’s no point in skipping any meal for the purpose of losing weight.


Make Sleep a Priority

According to scientists, lack of sleep causes obesity in both adults and children. So make sure you are getting enough sleep at night if you intend to keep the extra pound at bay.


When You Eat, Chew Slowly

Scientists say that when we eat it takes time for the food in the stomach to send a message to the brain that it is no longer hungry. So unless we eat slowly, we are likely eat more than our body requires and thus gain weight. So buddy, whenever you are eating get rid of all the distractions and take each bite and savor it. Slow Down….


Regular Exercise

There’s no alternative to exercise if you want to reduce your weight and keep it that way.

It does not have to be any intense workout though intense workout helps too. Try to spend at least 10-15 minutes every day in moderate workout. Playing with a punching bag for 15 minutes is also good idea to loose weight, We have few shortlist of punching bag which you may like.  You can lift weight or cardio box. When boxing make sure you have got the right equipment so as not to injure yourself. For more details you can check our article on best boxing equipment for you.

Get down from the bus one stop before your last stop. Walk rest of the way. Take the stairs instead of the lift. But that doesn’t mean you compromise your safety and take stairs everywhere. Walk your dog in the neighborhood. Swim, cycle, run. Even standing instead of sitting will help you in reducing your weight. Join yoga and do it everyday. It’s a “NO SWEAT” exercise.

Moreover, exercising also reduces hunger. So you will feel less hungry and your food intake will automatically decrease.

Try to choose something you enjoy. This way you will stick to the exercise routine over time.


Other Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

  • Do not make dinner your heaviest meal
  • Try to intake as much low-carb vegetables and fiber enriched fruits as you can
  • Cut back on dessert. Use fruits for desserts
  • Say no to salty snacks
  • Eat whole grains and avoid processed food. The more natural your food the better
  • Drink green tea and coffee

To conclude, we would say that what you need most while losing weight is patience and persistence. There will be time when you won’t see any results or even gain some weight. Don’t be disheartened. Start following the methods we mentioned above and you will be fine. Stay within a balanced diet, take healthy foods, drink fresh juices instead of carbonated drinks or alcohol, there are lots of amazing juice recipes all over the internet. Even there are juicing recipes for beginners. More importantly, once you lose weight do not stop following that routine and the food chart because losing weight is not only a gradual process but also a lifetime process. So buckle up and get down to work right away. Good Luck.

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